Development History

Historical events in and around the W3C XML Activity include Recommendations:

... and conferences, workshops:

May 2000: WWW9: Amsterdam
March 2000 IETF 47: Adelaide, Australia, 26-31
Feb/Mar 2000: XTech 2000 in San Jose, California
Dec '99: XML 99 in Philadelphia (a GCA Conference)
Oct '99: XML One Europe, in London
Sep '99: XML World, in Chateau Laurier
Aug '99: XML Developers' Conference, in Montreal (a GCA Conference)
May '99: The Eighth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW8), in Toronto
Apr '99: XML Europe '99, Granada, Spain, by GCA
some presentation materials:
Apr '99: XML-DSig '99: The W3C Signed XML Workshop
Mar '99: XTech '99, San Jose, California
Dec '98: W3C Workshop: Query Languages
Nov '98: XML '98, Markup Technologies '98 conferences hosted by GCA in Chicago
program includes a W3C Standards Update plus sessions on CSS2, DOM, XLink, DCD, RDF, Namespaces, WIDL, PGML. VML, Web Graphics, Querying XML, XFDL
Aug '98: Metastructures 1998 & XML Developers' Conference hosted by the GCA
May '98: W3C Workshop: Shaping the Future of HTML
Apr '98: Seventh International World Wide Web Conference
Mar 1998: XML'98: The Conference
Dec '97: SGML/XML '97
Sep '97: SGML/XML Asia Pacific '97 conference hosted by the GCA in Sydney, Australia
Aug '97: XML Developers Day, Montreal, Canada, August 21, 1997
Mar 97: First XML Conference in San Diego, by the GCA
SGML 96 Conference in Boston

Research Notebook

Dan Connolly, Jan 2003;
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