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19 September
How blockchain will grow beyond bitcoin, Ben DicksonW3C Web Payments Working Group, Web Payments
9 September
What you should know about the Internet before we give away ICANN, Jim BlasingameW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, URI, URL, XG
6 September
New blockchain group aims at 'ecosystem for the second internet', Shaun WatermanWorld Wide Web Consortium, ARIA
6 September
The Point 2016 – an A to Z of digital disruption in payments, ASHTON YOUNGW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, PLS, XG


29 August
Web consortium weighs work on blockchain standards, Shaun WatermanW3C, Tim Berners-Lee, Accessibility, ARIA, HTML, HTML5, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
Daily Dot
25 August
Facebook's autoplaying audio could be a huge issue for users with disabilities, AJ Dellinger W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, WAI, Web Accessibility Initiative, WCAG, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
25 August
Non, je ne veux pas télécharger votre &@µ$# d’application !, HTML, HTML5, srcset, URI
24 August
Internaut Day: The Web's Birthday?, Brooke BinkowskiTim Berners-Lee, HTML, HTTP, URL, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium
PC Magazine
23 August
The World Wide Web Turns 25 Today (Or Does It?), TOM BRANTW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, Accessibility, HTML, URI, URL
The Washington Post
19 August
Five myths about the Web, Andrew L. RussellWorld Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, Accessibility, HTML, HTTP, PICS, Style, URL
Government Technology
19 August
Website Accessibility: Why There’s Still Work to be Done on Government Portals, JULIA MCCANDLESSWorld Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, PICS, RDF, WAI, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
Programmable Web
19 August
Daily API RoundUp: Pokémon Go Slack Integration, Basecamp 3, EdX, W3C Screen Orientation, Joy Culbertson,W3C, Beacon, PROV, XG, XML
18 August
Intel and SK Telecom team up on WebRTC IoT devices, Cho Mu-Hyun W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, URL, WebRTC
Korea Times
17 August
SKT teams up with Intel to improve IoT devices, Yoon Sung-wonW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, WebRTC
17 August
New SVG spec irons out overlaps with HTML, CSS, Paul Krill W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, HTML, PICS, Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, SMIL, SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, URI, URL, XLink, XML
5 August
Le Web ouvrait ses portes au monde il y a 25 ans, David FeugeyW3C, Tim Berners-Lee, CSS, HTML, HTML5, HTTP, Jeff Jaffe, srcset
Parent Herald
4 August
Special Needs Technology Devised By Teens: Web Reading App For People With Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities And Visual Impairments, Elizabeth AndersonWorld Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, HTML, Style
The Windows Club
4 August
Edge is the only browser to perform 100% in HTML5 Accessibility test, Ankit GuptaW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, Web Accessibility Initiative
3 August
Mexican Social Security Institute Makes Website Accessible to Individuals with Disabilities in Accordance with UN Treaty Standards, World Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, DOM, HTML, WCAG, WCAG 2.0, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


30 July
Swiss.com Moves Toward Full WCAG 2.0 AA Conformance, World Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, HTML, srcset, URI, WCAG, WCAG 2.0, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
France Info
30 July
Tim Berners-Lee, Thomas RozecW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML, HTTP, URI, URL, XG
25 July
Authentication is multi-headed beast for purging passwords, John Fontana URL, Web Services

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