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Technique SM6:Providing audio description in SMIL 1.0

About this Technique


Applies whenever SMIL 1.0 player is available

This technique relates to:


The objective of this technique is to provide a way for people who are blind able to access the material. With this technique a description of the video or otherwise have trouble seeing the video in audio-visual material to be in the audio-visual material.


Example 1: SMIL 1.0 audio description sample for QuickTime player

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<smil xmlns:qt="" 
      xmlns="" qt:time-slider="true">
    <root-layout background-color="black" height="266" width="320"/>
    <region id="videoregion" background-color="black" top="26" left="0" 
      height="144" width="320"/>
    <video dur="0:01:20.00" region="videoregion" src="" 
     alt="Sales Demo"/>
    <audio dur="0:01:20.00" src="salesdemo_ad.mp3" 
     alt="Sales Demo Audio Description"/>

Other sources

No endorsement implied.



  1. Find method for turning on audio description from content/player (unless it is always played by default)
  2. Play file with audio description
  3. Check whether audio description is played

Expected Results

  • #3 is true
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