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Technique H67:Using null alt text and no title attribute on img elements for images that assistive technology should ignore


HTML documents that load images.

This technique relates to 1.1.1: Non-text Content (Sufficient).


The purpose of this technique is to show how images can be marked so that they can be ignored by assistive technology.

If no title attribute is used, and the alt text is set to null (i.e., alt="") it indicates to assistive technology that the image can be safely ignored.

Having a "null" alt attribute is not the same as having no alt attribute.


Example 1: Inserting a decorative image on a Web page

<img alt="" src="squiggle.gif" height="20" width="20">

Other sources

No endorsement implied.



For each image that should be ignored:

  1. Check that title attribute is either absent or empty.
  2. Check that alt attribute is present and empty.

Expected Results

  • #1 and #2 are true
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