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Technique G90:Providing keyboard-triggered event handlers


Applies to all technologies where content includes functionality.

This technique relates to 2.1.1: Keyboard (Sufficient using a more specific technique).


The objective of this technique is to permit individuals who rely on a keyboard or keyboard interface to access the functionality of the content. To do this, make sure that all event handlers triggered by non-keyboard UI events are also associated with a keyboard-based event, or provide redundant keyboard-based mechanisms to accomplish the functionality provided by other device-specific functions.


  • Example 1: A drag and drop feature A photo application includes a "drag" and "drop" feature to allow users to re-order photographs in an on-line album for presentation as a slide show. It also includes a feature that allows users to select a photo and 'cut' and 'paste' the items into the list at the appropriate point using only the keyboard.
  • Example 2: A reorder feature A Web application that allows users to create surveys by dragging questions into position includes a list of the questions followed by a text field that allows users to re-order questions as needed by entering the desired question number.



  1. check that all functionality can be accessed using only the keyboard

Expected Results

  • #1 is true
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