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Technique G82:Providing a text alternative that identifies the purpose of the non-text content


Applies to all technologies

This technique relates to 1.1.1: Non-text Content (Sufficient).


The purpose of this technique is to provide useful information via the text alternative even if the full function of the non-text content cannot be provided.

Sometimes, a text alternative cannot serve the same purpose as the original non-text content (for example an applet meant to develop two dimensional rapid targeting skills and eye hand coordination.) In these cases this technique is used. With this technique a description of the purpose of the non-text content is provided.


Example 1

  • An eye-hand coordination development applet has the following text alternative "Applet that uses the mouse and moving targets to develop eye-hand coordination"
  • A camera applet that has a round disk where you push on the edges to control a remote camera and a slider in the middle for zooming has the following text alternative "Control for aiming and zooming remote video camera".



  1. remove, hide, or mask the non-text content
  2. replace it with the text alternative
  3. check that the purpose of the non-text content is clear - even if function is lost.

Expected Results

  • #3 is true.
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