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Technique G75:Providing a mechanism to postpone any updating of content

About this Technique

This technique relates to 2.2.4: Interruptions (Sufficient).

This technique applies to content that automatically updates itself.


The objective of this technique is to ensure that users can postpone automatic updates of content, or other non-emergency interruptions. This can be accomplished either through a preference or by alerting users of an imminent update and allowing them to suppress it. If a preference is provided, automatic content update can be disabled by default and users can specify the frequency of automatic content updates if they choose to enable the setting.


  • A Web page provides stock quotes and automatically updates from time to time. The page provides a short form with a field "Refresh data frequency (minutes):" so users can adjust the frequency of the updating.



  1. Find pages with content that automatically updates.
  2. For each automatic update, look for a mechanism to adjust the timing of the updates.
  3. Check that automatic updating is disabled by default or that the user is warned before an automatic update occurs and allowed to suppress it.

Expected Results

  • #3 is true.
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