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Technique G60:Playing a sound that turns off automatically within three seconds

About this Technique

This technique relates to 1.4.2: Audio Control (Sufficient).

This technique applies to all technologies except those for voice interaction.


The purpose of this technique is to allow authors to play a sound on their Web page but avoid the problem of users not being able to use their screen readers due to interference by the content sound. It also allows the author to avoid putting controls on the Web page to control the sound - and the problem faced by users with screen readers in finding the control (when unable to hear their screen reader).

The technique is simple. The sound plays for 3 or less seconds and stops automatically.


  • Example 1: A Web page opens with a trumpet fanfare and then goes silent
  • Example 2: A homepage opens with the chairman saying "Binfor, where quality is our business." then going silent.
  • Example 3: A Web page opens with instructions on how to get started: "To begin, press the enter key."
  • Example 4: A Web page opens with a warning and then goes silent.



  1. Load the Web page
  2. Check that all sound that plays automatically stops in 3 seconds or less

Expected Results

  • #2 is true

Test Rules

The following are Test Rules related to this Technique. It is not necessary to use these particular Test Rules to check for conformance with WCAG, but they are defined and approved test methods. For information on using Test Rules, see Understanding Test Rules for WCAG Success Criteria.

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