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Technique G157:Incorporating a live audio captioning service into a Web page


All technologies that present live audio-only information.

This technique relates to 1.2.9: Audio-only (Live) (Sufficient).


The objective of this technique is to use a real-time caption service to provide a text version of live audio content. Such services use a trained human operator who listens in to what is being said and uses a special keyboard to enter the text with only a small delay. They are able to capture a live event with a high degree of fidelity, and also to insert notes on any non spoken audio which is essential to understanding the event. The viewport containing the caption text is available on the same Web page as the live audio content.


  • An internet radio station provides a viewport on its Web page for its news services. Live news reports, especially emergency reports, are transcribed by a real-time caption service and displayed in the viewport.
  • A conferencing or screen-sharing service includes a window with running real-time transcription of the verbal presentation. This is achieved by arranging ahead of time with a remote relay audio-teleconference captioning service. The online web conferencing or screen-sharing service needs to be designed with this possible usage in mind because using a separate window for the live text would be a significant usability barrier.
  • A recurring audio conference uses an online hand-raising utility to assist with queuing. In order to facilitate use of this product in conjunction with an on-line relay conference captioning service, the queuing utility is designed to be fully operational in a narrow viewport. For additional enhancement, a website is created to bring up both viewports within a single Web page.

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  1. Check that the Web page contains a viewport associated with the live audio content.
  2. Check that the text of the live audio content appears in the viewport with less than 30 seconds delay.

Expected Results

  • All checks above are true.
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