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Technique F95:Failure of Success Criterion 1.4.13 due to content shown on hover not being hoverable


Any technology that supports the display of additional content on pointer hover.

This technique relates to 1.4.13: Content on Hover or Focus (Failure).


The objective of this failure is to describe a situation where users find it difficult or impossible to move the pointer over additional content that appears on hover. For users of screen magnification software, the new content is often not fully visible in the current magnifed section. In order to perceive it, it is therefore critical for these users to be able to move the pointer away from the trigger and over the additional content, and thereby change the position of the magnified section, without this content disappearing.


  • A pop-up opens on pointer hover. Due to the chosen screen magnification, the content is only partially visible. However, as soon as the pointer is moved away from the trigger towards the pop-up content so it can be read, the pop-up automatically closes.
  • Hovering over a chart with data points, pop-ups open to show details of the respective data point, somewhat offset from the data point itself. When moving the pointer towards the pop-up so it can be fully read with magnification, the pointer travels over other data points that cause the appearance of other pop-ups that replace the particular pop-up the user wanted to see.



For each area of additional content that appears on pointer hover:

  1. The pointer can be moved over the new content without the additional content disappearing.
  2. The appearance of the additional content is controlled by the user agent, not the author.

Expected Results

  • If #1 and #2 are false, then content fails the Success Criterion.
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