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Technique F23:Failure of 1.4.2 due to playing a sound longer than 3 seconds where there is no mechanism to turn it off


Applies to all technologies except those for voice interaction.

This technique relates to 1.4.2: Audio Control (Failure).


This describes a failure condition for Success Criteria involving sound. If sound does not turn off automatically within 3 seconds and there is no way to turn the sound off then Success Criterion 1.4.2 would not be met. Sounds that play over 3 seconds when there is no mechanism to turn off the sound included in the content would fall within this failure condition.


Example 1

  • A site that plays continuous background music

Example 2

  • A site with a narrator that lasts more than 3 seconds before stopping, and there is no mechanism to stop it.



  1. Check that there is a way in a Web page to turn off any sound that plays automatically for more than three seconds.

Expected Results

  • If step #1 is not true then content fails Success Criterion 1.4.2
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