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Technique F19:Failure of Conformance Requirement 1 due to not providing a method for the user to find the alternative conforming version of a non-conforming Web page

About this Technique

This technique is not referenced from any Understanding document.

This failure applies to sites that provide alternative, WCAG-conforming versions of nonconforming primary content.


This failure technique describes the situation in which an alternate, conforming version of the content is provided, but there is no direct way for a user to tell that it is available or where to find it. Such content fails the Success Criterion because the user cannot find the conforming version.


  • A link or a search takes a user directly to one of the nonconforming pages in the Web site. There is neither an indication that an alternate page is available, nor a path to the alternate page from the nonconforming page.
  • Nonconforming pages on the Web site inform the user that a conforming version is available and provide a link to the home page. However, the user must search the site for the conforming version of the page, so the functionality does not meet the requirements of the Success Criterion.
  • A user is able to use the nonconforming Web site for most pages. But when the user is not able to access a particular page, there is no way to find the conforming version of the page.



  1. Identify a nonconforming page that has an alternative conforming version.
  2. Determine if the nonconforming page provides a link to the conforming version.

Expected Results

  1. If step #2 is false, the content fails the Success Criterion.
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