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Technique F13:Failure of Success Criterion 1.1.1 and 1.4.1 due to having a text alternative that does not include information that is conveyed by color differences in the image

About this Technique

This technique relates to:

This failure applies to all technologies.


The objective of this technique is to describe the failure that occurs when an image uses color differences to convey information, but the text alternative for the image does not convey that information. This can cause problems for people who are blind or colorblind because they will not be able to perceive the information conveyed by the color differences.


  • A bar chart of sales data is provided as an image. The chart includes yearly sales figures for four employees in the Sales Department. The text alternative for the image says, "The following bar chart displays the yearly sales figures for the Sales Department. Mary sold 3.1 Million; Fred, 2.6 Million; Bob, 2.2 Million; and Andrew, 3.4 Million. The red bars indicate sales that were below the yearly quota". This text alternative fails to provide the information which is conveyed by the color red in the image. The alternative should indicate which people did not meet the sales quota rather than relying on color.



For all images in the content that convey information by way of color differences:

  1. Check that the information conveyed by color differences is not included in the text alternative for the image.

Expected Results

  • If step #1 is true, then this failure condition applies and content fails the Success Criterion.
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