Understanding Interruptions

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Intent of Interruptions

The intent of this Success Criterion is to allow users to turn off updates from the author/server except in emergencies. Emergencies would include civil emergency alert messages or any other messages that warn of danger to health, safety, or property, including data loss, loss of connection, etcetera.

This allows access by people with cognitive limitations or attention disorders by enabling them to focus on the content. It also allows users who are blind or have low vision to keep their "viewing" focus on the content they are currently reading.

Benefits of Interruptions

Examples of Interruptions

Resources for Interruptions

Techniques for Interruptions

Sufficient Techniques for Interruptions

  1. Providing a mechanism to postpone any updating of content
  2. G76: Providing a mechanism to request an update of the content instead of updating automatically
  3. Using scripts to make non-essential alerts optional

Additional Techniques (Advisory) for Interruptions

Common Failures for Interruptions