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Decisions of the Silver Task Force

This page records decisions made by the Silver Task Force, in accordance with the Silver Task Force Decision Policy. Decisions recorded here reflect a substantial agreement of the participants of the task force, but do not necessarily indicate formal consensus of the Working Group.

Recording Decisions

Decisions should be recorded in the following format:

* <YYYY-MM-DD>: [<URI of decision> <text of decision>]

Decisions made in teleconferences should be recorded in minutes using the "RESOLUTION: " preface. This is case sensitive and must be done by the scribe. Resolutions recorded in this way appear in a summary of resolutions at the end of the minutes. Resolutions only reflect substantial agreement of the participants of the teleconference.

Decisions made outside of teleconferences, such as on the email list, wiki, GitHub issues, and in Google docs, should also be recorded here.



Documents with Relevant Decisions and Experiments on Conformance


Lessons Learned from Prototypes