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This questionnaire was open from 2020-08-05 to 2020-08-10.

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  1. Accept new Decision Policy

1. Accept new Decision Policy


The draft of the proposed Decision Policy. You can read the summary of Michael Cooper's presentation of the new policy in the meeting minutes of 4 August 2020.


ChoiceAll responders
Yes 4
Yes, with changes. Use the comments to propose changes. 3


Responder Accept new Decision PolicyComments
Rachael Bradley Montgomery Yes, with changes. Use the comments to propose changes. Please add a plain language summary of key points at the top.
Bruce Bailey Yes The term "sleeper objections" feels more pejorative than necessary but I cannot put my finger on a more common phrase.
Jake Abma Yes
Janina Sajka Yes I think it very helpful to spell out how decisions are reached. Similarly helpful will be the log of decisions achieved.
John Foliot Yes, with changes. Use the comments to propose changes. > Discussion can take place in any recognized channel of the Silver groups including, but not limited to, email, GitHub pull requests, comment threads in GitHub issues or pull requests, edits or comments in Google docs, and on teleconferences.

While Deque supports using accessible tools to do this important work, it is also critical that decision discussions can be easily found.

Initial discussions can and should use all channels available, but for WBS surveys and other critical decision-making activities, the sheer number of possible places to go do research on previous decisions today is overwhelming. The traditional form of W3C mailing list emails and, more recently, comment threads in GitHub which can be ported to email readers, provide a traceable threaded "discussion". In contrast, Google Docs are difficult to find, because if you don’t know where a particular Google Doc lives, it is almost impossible to use search to find it. Additionally, comments and prior edits of a Google Doc are not easily searchable.

Deque requests that Google Docs be removed as an official source of "decision discussion" due to known accessibility concerns, and the lack of robust searchability across multiple docs and across multiple Google Drives. Do the early work there for sure, but then port the actual discussion to a more accessible, searchable and reference-able channel.

> When the facilitators believe that the group is ready to come to a decision, they indicate that a decision is imminent and call for objections.
>> For decisions being considered in meetings, objections must be raised immediately when there is a call for objections.

Deque objects to this clause - invested participants cannot attend every meeting, and the inability to attend a specific meeting when a decision is taken is counter to building consensus. There is no objection to "straw polls" being conducted during calls, but final decisions should follow a more robust and traceable decision path.
Jeanne F Spellman Yes
Shawn Lauriat Yes, with changes. Use the comments to propose changes. +1 to Rachael's proposed changes: Please add a plain language summary of key points at the top.

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  • Rachael Bradley Montgomery: last responded on 5, August 2020 at 16:22 (UTC)
  • Bruce Bailey: last responded on 5, August 2020 at 19:07 (UTC)
  • Jake Abma: last responded on 6, August 2020 at 09:23 (UTC)
  • Janina Sajka: last responded on 6, August 2020 at 13:16 (UTC)
  • John Foliot: last responded on 6, August 2020 at 15:29 (UTC)
  • Jeanne F Spellman: last responded on 7, August 2020 at 13:55 (UTC)
  • Shawn Lauriat: last responded on 10, August 2020 at 16:02 (UTC)


The following persons have not answered the questionnaire:

  1. Gregg Vanderheiden
  2. Janina Sajka
  3. Michael Cooper
  4. Shadi Abou-Zahra
  5. Makoto Ueki
  6. Peter Korn
  7. Andrew Kirkpatrick
  8. Wilco Fiers
  9. Alastair Campbell
  10. Léonie Watson
  11. David Sloan
  12. Mary Jo Mueller
  13. John Kirkwood
  14. Detlev Fischer
  15. Matt Garrish
  16. Chris Loiselle
  17. Jan McSorley
  18. John Rochford
  19. Sarah Horton
  20. JaEun Jemma Ku
  21. Kim Dirks
  22. Denis Boudreau
  23. Francis Storr
  24. Shari Butler
  25. Aparna Pasi
  26. Tobias Christian Jensen
  27. Ruoxi Ran
  28. Charles Adams
  29. Peter Kennaugh
  30. Cybele Sack
  31. Shrirang Sahasrabudhe
  32. Arthur Soroken
  33. David Fazio
  34. Daniel Montalvo
  35. Andrew Somers
  36. Caryn Pagel
  37. Jared Batterman
  38. Todd Libby
  39. Francesco Mariani
  40. Sukriti Chadha
  41. Julia Chen
  42. Ela Gorla
  43. Jennifer Strickland
  44. Rain Breaw Michaels
  45. Jaunita George
  46. Shawn Thompson
  47. Joseph Yang

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