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🔙 WCAG 3.0 (Silver) Guidelines (Text alternatives)

Outcome: Text alternative available

A text alternative for non-text content is available via user agents and assistive technologies, which allows users who are unable to perceive and / or understand the non-text content to determine its meaning.

This outcome relates to guideline Text alternatives.

Functional categories

This outcome relates to the following functional categories:

  • Sensory - Vision & Visual
  • Sensory Intersections
  • Cognitive - Language & Literacy
  • Cognitive - Learning
  • Cognitive - Memory
  • Cognitive - Mental Health
  • Cognitive & Sensory Intersections


  1. Text alternative for Image of text (HTML)
  2. Functional Images (HTML, PDF, ePub)
  3. Decorative images (HTML, PDF, ePub)
  4. Informative images (HTML)
  5. Author control of text alternatives (ATAG)
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