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Resource update & SEO

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Problem statement

  • We have several EOWG documents still in draft.
  • Search engine results do not bring up the most relevant WAI document. Often the higher results are are old drafts of the relevant WAI document; sometimes they are non-WAI documents.


Complete Drafts, Update Resources

Master list: Outreach Planning has status of EOWG Resources.

Needs Completing or Updating

High priorities:

Medium priorities:

Lower priorities:

Done (completed updates)

Mark Old Drafts/Versions


To be done:

  • all pages in /Drafts/ - EO and others
  • WCAG WG pages

Wording & Style for WCAG-related directories

This draft information may be outdated. For updated information on WCAG, see Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview.


To be done:


This is an old draft. The published version of this document is at


  • Add [Old Draft] to <title> and <h1>
  • Add to CSS: #main {background-color: #CCCCCC;}
  • Delete from nav: ol id="nav1" and div id="nav-static"
  • Add in footer (under hidden h2 '"Document Information"): the old draft note from above

example showing changes

Done (pointer to newer version added)

Tell Search Engines

Status: Researching methods (e.g., something along the lines of the meta <link rel="canonical"... but don't think that is the right thing in this case)

Key searches

  • web accessibility - 1. 2.
  • web accessibility guidelines - 1. 2. 3.
    accessibility guidelines - 1. 2.
  • web accessibility standards - 1. 2.
    (would like to have, but not likely to get it up there)
    accessibility standards - 2. 3.
  • wcag overview - 1. [not Overview page]
  • wcag intro - 1. [not Overview page]
  • web accessibility requirements - 1. 2. (added noindex so should disappear)
    accessibility requirements - 2.
  • web accessibility business case & accessibility business case - 1. 2.
  • web accessibility benefits - 1.
    accessibility benefits - 4.
    benefits of accessible websites - 1. (points to latest version)2. 3.
  • wai & web accessibility initiative - 1.
  • web accessibility laws & accessibility laws & web accessibility policies & accessibility policies - 1.
  • how people with disabilities use the web - 1. (points to latest version) 2. 3. (@@need to update pointer to latest version) 4.
  • wai-aria - (the extra / mucks it up)
  • how to make a website accessible - 1.
    (would like to have more WAI resources show up higher)
  • how to make a website accessible for people with disabilities - 1.
  • ...