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Discussion of style

  • @@question: should we make this text bigger? or otherwise change the CSS?
  • CSS absolute & script -- MC: I also think we should consider CSS to make it position:absolute, so it doesn't mess up display of other elements. This will make it show over the rest of the page, which highlights it. It would mean we'd require a small script to enable the user to close / hide it though.
    slh: I like highlighting it. What would be screen reader users user experience?
  • Just body, not h1 -- MC: If I understand though, you propose to put the disclaimer both after the body element and after the h1. I think that is problematic for a couple reasons. First, having the same disclaimer twice is distracting and not useful IMO. Second, it will be harder for automated fixer-uppers to find the h1 because any unexpected style, class, id etc. on the element could mess up the regex unless we account for all possibilities. Therefore I strongly suggest it appear only after the body element.
    slh: OK.. although I'm concerned people won't see the notice. I'd rather have it distracting than missed. e.g., what about screen reader users who jump right to the h1? I do think it would be good to make the automatic process as easy as possible, so that says not after h1. I wonder if there is any other easy place for some redundancy. Maybe at end before closing body?
  • CSS needs to stand out from a navigation bar: (JSp) Studies have shown that people automatically skip over the top bar of a page, (probably from skipping advertisements, and repetitive navigation). I recommend removing the highlighting, and go with a larger font and a bright red with a warning icon.