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[DRAFT] Outreach Planning
updated $Date: 2012/04/09 20:16:25 $

Personas, Scenarios, Use Cases, Tasks

Tasks: Tasks-xlsx file/Tasks-ods file


focus on translations!

Docs, Audience, Priority

area document priority for promo notes Is it relevant to curriculum? (Suzette's initial notes)
GetStart-People 1. Better Web Browsing: Tips 2.5 [Shadi] not quite done No, users
GetStart-People 2. Contacting Orgs about Inaccessible done updated Dec 2011 or so No, evangelists
GetStart-Basics 1. Accessibility - W3C, Intro 1.25 [open] need to figure out issues with w3c vs. wai pages Yes, This is the W3C introduction – useful but not part of WAI
GetStart-Basics 2. Essential Components 1.5

[Wayne & Sharron drafting]
Components Material (wiki)

[Ian & Shawn] need to finalize presentation

Yes, Gives structure to the components, and naming of parts – good for higher level students.
It is old and should be reviewed for updates.
See also slides.
Version 1.3
GetStart-Basics 3. Business Case 1.25 [Ian, Char, Shawn] need to finalize presentation;
[open] need to add links to mobile info & references section
Yes, essential answer to ‘why’. Some material may be too business orientated for computer students. Are resources up to date?
See also slides.
Version Sept 2010
DesignInclusion 1. How People with Disabilities Use the Web 2 [Shadi] not done
would be good to have short intro & videos
Yes. Lot of valuable material. Needs to be built into lesson plans and coursework assignments.
Video is a powerful medium. Teachers should think about whether they can arrange to meet with real people. It is difficult to promote iterative design when you can only test with automatic tools and not real people.
Despite mainstream teaching of disabled people it is likely that few 16-21’s have ever met a disabled person.
Draft 2011
DesignInclusion 2. & Older People: Meeting Needs
  i. Developing for Older: How (WCAG) Applies
   ii. Older Users: Literature Review
2 docs all ready to go
note: have draft articles
Yes. Lots of valuable material and easier for students to relate to elderly relatives and similar. (2010)
How WCAG 2 applies is not scoped for teaching.(2010)
Lit review is good for higher level students eg Masters. Needs constant updating! (2008)
DesignInclusion 3. & Mobile Web
   i. Shared Experiences: Barriers Common
   ii. Relationship MWBP and WCAG

[WAI staff & CG working on]

topic hot, but resources address tangential issue.

Topic yes, content no. Is possibly outdated 2008-2009 – this is a fast moving area.
Content is not scoped for teaching learning. How could it fit into an assignment or lesson plan?
Guidelines&Tech 1. WCAG, WCAG 2.0 at a Glance     Yes to content and giving students skills to understand the original material.
I still need to review the different entries in detail. Most is far too complex for 16-21 year olds making their first accessible website.
Teachers would need guidance on how to break it down into simple lessons eg via ‘BAD” demo.
‘At a glance’ is useful and gives a starting point.
Conversion of WCAG 1 to 2.0 should not be needed for new students – they don’t have to unlearn past learning but teachers may need to.
Guidelines&Tech 2. ATAG   [OPEN - separate or along with Components?] Possibly at introductory level. May have relevance to specialists eg Assistive technology courses, or higher level 3rd year bachelor or Masters looking for a challenging project.
Guidelines&Tech 3. UAAG     Possibly at introductory level. May have relevance to specialists eg Assistive technology courses, or at leading edge
Guidelines&Tech 4. EARL     Possibly at introductory level. May have relevance to specialists eg Assistive technology courses, or at leading edge
Guidelines&Tech 5. WAI-ARIA     Possibly at introductory level. May have relevance to specialists eg Assistive technology courses, or at leading edge
Guidelines&Tech 6. Referencing & Linking WAI Docs ?   Not as formulated here but 16-21 year olds have to learn how to reference properly to academic texts and to online resources!
Guidelines&Tech 7. W3C Process ?    
PlanImpl-Policy 1. Standards Harmonization ->

[Judy] new version not done

specific target, rather than broad audience

PlanImpl-Policy 2. Policies 3 [Judy] update not done Yes, international policies is important but seriously out of date.
PlanImpl-Policy 3. Developing Org Policies 1.5 [OPEN (EOWG)] need to check freshness/staleness
PlanImpl-Manage 1. Implementation Plan 1.95 [OPEN (EOWG)] need to check freshness/staleness
PlanImpl-Manage 2. Improving the Accessibility 2 [OPEN (EOWG)] need to check freshness/staleness
PlanImpl-Manage 3. Involving Users 1.5 doc all ready to go
PlanImpl-Manage 4. Selecting and Using Authoring Tools 1.75 outdated - priority for updating for ATAG promotion???
Eval 1, 2, 3. Preliminary, Conform, Specific   outdated (updating with WAI-ACT) Yes to topic. Content needs updating
Eval 4. Involving Users   doc all ready to go Yes,
Was this updated 2010?
See also ‘involving users in planning section which was revised 2010.
Eval 5. Tools database, Selecting Tools   outdated (updating with WAI-ACT)
Eval 6. Combined Expertise   outdated (updating with WAI-ACT)
Eval 7. Template Eval Reports   outdated (updating with WAI-ACT)
Pres&Tuots 1. Make Your Presentations Accessible done updated Feb 2012 Yes, indirectly for teachers to encourage students with special needs.
Could add teachers as target audience – focus on ‘learning outcomes’ can help teachers find alternative routes to delivery of materials and student assessments. Availability of WAI materials in HTML is a bonus while much university material is based on print materials and PDF.
Pres&Tuots 2. Before and After Demonstration (BAD) done updated early 2012 Yes, good resource especially as it can be difficult to find examples of good practice. Quite complex, may benefit from suggestions on how to break it down into bite size pieces and to build it into a practical class activity/ lesson plan
Version release 2012
Pres&Tuots 3. Web Accessibility Presentations v (note: slides easier to digest than longer docs that they relate to) Yes, teachers need materials which engage with students
Pres&Tuots    i. Overview WAI Slides 2 outdated Yes, updated overview should be a priority
Pres&Tuots    ii. Components 1

[Ian, Shawn] need to finalize presentation

[Wayne & Sharron drafting]
Components Material (wiki)

Yes, linked to Basics 2 above
Draft V2009
Pres&Tuots    iii. Benefits of WCAG 2 1.5 [Ian, Shawn] need to finalize presentation Possibly, Need benefits, but not the explanation of progress from WCAG 1.
Students don’t need the history or justification
Pres&Tuots    iv. Using WCAG 2 2 [Ian, Shawn] need to finalize presentation Maybe!
I used a slide from this one to introduce the different materials. But couldn’t see how to use the whole thing or to make it exciting.
Draft 2010
Pres&Tuots    v. for Older Users 3 [Ian, Shawn] need to finalize presentation Yes, useful
Used as introduction to assignment on redesigning a website for an older person user organisation.
Connect also with video or personas. Note that some older people now include Bill Gates and Tim Berners Lee and others who have used computers for over 40 years.
Draft 2010
Pres&Tuots    vi. Smart Business 1 [Ian, Char, Shawn] need to finalize presentation Yes, good
I haven’t read the details but looks a more visually exciting presentation than the others which is important for getting students to engage.
No link to HTML version
Pres&Tuots 4. Developing Pres & Train 1.75 (gives less than what people expect/need) Maybe
Would need new materials to recommend teaching curriculum and materials for different age-groups/educational levels, or subject discipline
Draft 2010
Pres&Tuots 5. Handouts & print material 1

(outdated) (more ideas)

focused audience: mostly presenters

Get with WAI 1. Participating in WAI -> maybe focused audience No
Get with WAI 2. About WAI 4   No
Get with WAI 3. Using WAI Material 1 Shadi has issues.  
Get with WAI 4. Getting Announcements 1 probably this is just adding a blurb in other outreach messaging No
Get with WAI 5. WAI Groups 4   No