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[Editors' Draft] Planning Updates to Policies Relating to Web Accessibility

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The page is a factual listing only; it does not include any commentary, editorial, summary, or interpretation. It lists formal government documents that clarify policy. It does not list things like how to implement policy.

Use Case examples

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  1. updates that we already know about
  2. pursue existing contacts for updates
  3. detective work to update broken links
  4. research harder content updates

Design, UI & technical:

  1. consider minor tweaks to user interface - mostly just template for listings and maybe page organization (possibly add expand-collapse)
  2. reassess and revise the interface for the users getting the information and propose significant redesign if warranted (will if do C below)
  3. revise the process for submitting and updating the information, probably using database approach

Tasks for 1,2,a:

  1. Research similar lists.
  2. [done] Review current format for listings and decide if want to change the template for content and/or for formatting
  3. [done] Decide how to process updates -- e.g., first put in Draft page and when to update the live page -- and how to indicate which countries are updated in the live page (assuming we post some before all are done).
  4. [done] Update Submitting Updates to Policies Relating to Web Accessibility.
  5. [done] Review updates that have already come in. [Listed in the draft update, but most are quite old.]
  6. [in progress] Contact potential people about providing updated data for country of their interest.
  7. Draft updates and inform review list (Judy, EOWG including Shadi, ?).
  8. After sufficient time for review, post updates.


The following schedule assumes that we do updates in three batches. We might decide to switch modes to posting updates more frequently after the first batch, e.g., if updates come in more staggered.
Also, there are only a couple people in the critical review path. If they complete reviews ahead of schedule, we can go ahead and post them.


Content and Format

UI (user interface)

Front matter (Disclaimer, Status and Updates, Introduction)



"old live" means there is a listing in the outdated current page.
"old update notes" means there are some notes in the draft update but they are old.

Country status primary content provider notes
Australia old live,
old update notes
[done] Andrew Arch new from Andrew
Australian States old live Andrew Arch lower priority
Austria [new listing]
old update notes
Brazil [new listing]
old update notes
Canada old live,
old update notes
Denis ?Catherine Roy  
Canadian Provinces old live Denis ?Catherine Roy  
Denmark old live [done] Helle new from Helle
European Union old live,
old update notes
Finland old live    
France old live,
old update notes
[done] Sylvie  new from Sylvie
Germany old live,
old update notes
Hong Kong old live    
India old live,
old update notes
Ireland old live,
old update notes
Israel old live    
Italy old live,
old update notes
Japan old live    
Mexico [new listing]
old update notes
New Zealand old live,
old update notes
[via Andrew]  
Norway   [via Helle]  
Portugal old live    
Singapore [new listing]
old update notes
Spain old live,
old update notes
Sweden   [via Helle]  
Switzerland old live,
old update notes
United Kingdom old live,
old update notes
USA old live    
USA states old live   out of scope for this round of updates






Other policy-related lists:

Issues discussed: