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Resource Development Life Cycle

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This is an incomplete draft. Some related info is in Review Stages and Levels

EOWG follows a specific Resource Development Life Cycle to create and maintain our deliverables, which are called “resources”. This process is meant to ensure that resources are created and updated in a robust, consistent manner, with adequate working group review.

EOWG documents go through the following stages:

  1. Requirements
  2. Planning
  3. Concept
  4. Draft
  5. Publication
  6. Maintenance

Each stage's key tasks, deliverables, and milestones are outlined in the table below. The first row contains each of the six RDLC stages. Find tasks, deliverables, and EO Decision to be made in the rows below that. Click on links for more info and sample deliverables.

Stage 1. Requirements Stage 2. Planning Stage 3. Concept Stage 4. Draft Stage 5. Publication Stage 6. Maintenance
  • Define Requirements
  • Plan
  • Begin Outreach Plan
  • Develop Concept
  • Develop WG Draft(s)
  • Finalize Outreach Plan
  • Publish
  • Implement Outreach Plan
  • Address Public Comments
  • Publish V2 (if needed)
  • Annual Maintenance Review
    (Leave As Is, Update, or Retire?)
  • Requirements Document
  • Resource Plan
  • Outreach Plan Outline
  • Resource Concept
  • WG Draft(s)
  • Outreach Plan
  • Published Resource
  • Completed Outreach
  • Updated Deferred Requirements List
  • Maintenance Review Recommendation
EO Decision
  • Move to Planning?
  • Move to Concept?
  • Move to Draft?
  • Move to Publication?
  • Publish v2 (if needed)
  • Move to Maintenance?
  • Approve Maintenance Review Recommendation

EO Resource Development Life Cycle Diagram