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What about changing x and y axes on the table? Example below

I think it is easier to read and less squishy:

Stage Task Deliverable EO Decision
1. Requirements Define Requirements Requirements Document Move to Planning?
2. Planning Create Resource Plan Resource Plan Move to Concept?
3. Concept Develop Resource Concept Resource Concept Move to Draft?
4. Draft Develop Draft(s) WG Draft(s) Move to (Another Draft or) Public Review?
5. Public Review Resolve Issues Final Draft Move to Publish?
6. Publication Publish & Publicize Completed Outreach Checklist Move to Maintenance?
7. Maintenance MUR Review (Maintain, Update, or Retire?) MUR Recommendation Approve MUR Recommendation / move to new stage

Eric Eggert (talk) 18:08, 4 May 2016 (UTC)