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Stage 4. Draft

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Develop WG Draft(s)

Finalize Outreach Plan


WG Draft(s)

Outreach Plan

Sample Deliverables:

  • TBD

EO Decision(s)

Move to Publication Stage

Seek EO review and approval to either move to the next stage or begin another iteration with WG comments.


For Editors - Handling comments

The general approach is for Editors to take a first pass at addressing comments, and bring to EOWG Planning things that might need EOWG review or input/discussion.


  • If you agree with the comment and it doesn't need EOWG discussion: Implement it. If it's after the final approval review, document the change via GitHub or other, for WG review.
  • If you don't agree or have questions about the comment: Discuss with the commenter and CC or GitHub as appropriate. If/when needed, bring to EOWG Planning and together we'll prepare for EOWG review or input/discussion.
  • If you're not sure &/or you think the comment needs EOWG discussion: Bring to EOWG Planning and together we'll prepare for EOWG input/discussion.