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EO 2020 Chartering

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EOWG Charter info

Previous info:


(schedule below is tight (and made tighter by extended review period), let's give it a try...)

  original plan done notes
CSUN - discussion at EOWG F2F and with AC reps and others at conference (and AB even if not at CSUN) 8-13 March some CSUN cancelled. have done some virtually
AC & others - Advanced Notice - Request feedback and input 20 March 31 March - 14 April advanced notice e-mail
W3T Strategy - Horizontal review 20 March requested 27 March + reminders  
EOWG approve draft charter 10 April 27 March EOWG approved charter draft, and later changes.
W3M approve proposed charter 22 April @ April SLH sent request to PLH on 27 March.
AC review announcement 23 April 30 April 30 April e-mail
AC review deadline 21 May 11 June 28-day review period required
review period extended to 6 weeks
Comment processing 21 May -
15 June
  (plan has 3+ weeks for this — although hope it won't take that long!)
Comments addressed 15 June    
Charter approved and announced 22 June   (current charter ends 30 June)

W3C Chartering Info

Process requirements and guidance:

Charter Deliverables

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