EOWG Summary of Issues for Accessibility of Remote Meetings

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Accessibility of Remote Meetings - latest Editors' Draft, (17 May 2022 draft)

Summary of Comments

Overall the group commends the editors for their work and appreciates this good content. Comments are summarized below and can be seen in full in the Results of the EOWG Questionnaire. Note that these were comments on an earlier draft and some may have been addressed.

A fundamental concern however is the fact that the format is not conducive to the goals of broad readership and adoption.


Survey Comments

  • Useful content, much appreciated. "This is a very valuable resource."
  • Seems to be about creating inclusive online environments but is all of the content relevant within context of a W3C Note? A challenge is that many remote meeting platforms are not web applications, but native applications. Sometimes both (Zoom). Not sure how we can talk about the accessibility of the remote meeting platform from WCAG perspective in those cases. For example:
    • Platform Development section seems appropriate as a W3C Note.
    • Creating Accessible Content section might more appropriately be WAI resource, perhaps integrating new content into existing WAI resources Make Presentations Accessible and Media Resource
    • Similarly the sections on Holding Accessible Remote / Hybrid Meetings would also probably be more useful and findable as a WAI resource.
  • Should we recognize the Venn diagram occurrence of common and distinct needs for different meeting types - in person, remote, and hybrid? Maybe three separate resources more easily used by presenters. (mentioned by several reviewers)
  • Analysis of how the information relates to Make Presentations Accessible: GitHub issue 13 comment

(The survey also included some specific content suggestions for section 5.1, 5.2, and 6. We asked the commenter, Brent, to submit those as an individual, rather than EOWG discussing them.)

Summary: There is a basic disconnect between the content of the document, the audience it is meant to serve, and the format in which it is presented. Most reviewers were agreed that this content would be more widely accepted and used if it were in a more readable, engaging format such as How to Make your Presentations Accessible to All and Making Audio and Video Media Accessible, or created in printable guidance for each meeting type.

EOWG Suggestion

  • [maybe done in latest version?] Make references to Make Presentations Accessible and Media Resource more prominent
  • [@@ what does this mean?] Use some of the more general points explicitly within in the guidance narrative

@@ For EOWG Discussion: What specifically do we want to suggest?