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[DRAFT] Accessibility Barriers Shown in the Demo

This is an outdated draft. The latest version is available at http://www.w3.org/WAI/demos/bad/.

Page Contents


This page lists the main accessibility barriers in the "Before and After Demonstration". For an introduction to the demonstration, see About the Before and After Demonstration. For details on the accessibility barriers in the demonstration, see the Web Accessibility Evaluation Report.

About the Sample Pages

The pages of the demonstration have been developed using templates to define the overall structure and visual design. Accessibility barriers in the page templates are therefore automatically carried over to all the other pages of the Web site. The pages also demonstrate other accessibility barriers in addition to these carried over from the templates.

Home Page


News Article Page

Note: The layout of the inaccessible news article breaks in most browsers other than Internet Explorer 6, this demonstrates the effect of coding for a single browser.


Tickets Page


Survey Form Page


Page Template