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Red dot with a white letter 'C' that symbolizes a moon crescent as well as the sun. This logo is followed by a black banner that 'CITYLIGHTS' which is the name of this online portal. Finally, the slogan of the portal, 'you access to the city', follows in a turqoise green handwriting style and with a slight slant accross the top banner.
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Citylights Survey

Citylights symbol 1. General Information

Where do you live?
In the city
In the suburbs
In the country

How many cars are in your household?

How many people live at this address?


Citylights symbol 2. Habits

Rank your favourite forms of transportation
Indicate a value from 1 to 5 for each of the following:

Why do you prefer a car over other forms of public transportation?
Select one or more of the following proposals
I don't prefer cars
Cost of public transportation
Personal comfort
Save travel time
Enjoy more freedom
Feel safer in a car
Other reason:

How long do you spend per month using each of the following forms of transportation?
Indicate a value from 1 to 5 for each of the following:


Citylights symbol 3. Traffic Perception

Do you believe that traffic is too heavy?

How affected are you be pollution due to traffic?


Type here any further comment

Note: all fields in red should be filled in.

 Free Penguins
"Free penguins" slogan at zoo benefit concert causes confusion among city rockers. Adjective or verb?
 More City Parks
More parks and more green throughout the city at the price of already rare car parking spaces, how will this affect you?
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