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Construction work on Main Road


Friday 27 January 2006, Sunny Spells, 23ºC

Citylights Ticket Offers

Citylights in partnership with globo enterprises are proud to offer specially priced tickets to see these great artists - Frank Zappa & Thelonius Mank!

These special deals are exclusive to Citylights and can only be purchased by calling the ticket hotline.

concert dates
Frank Zappa Thelonius Mank
12/2/06 24/3/06

Buy tickets by phoning the Music line -- get your tickets now!: (1) 263 68742

Ticket Prices
ADULT Front Seats Rear Seats Dress Circle Special Tables
Thelonius Mank - reincarnate $20.90 $20.90 $20.90 $20.90
Frank Zappa & The Fathers $20.90 $27.90 $30.90 $33.90
Thelonius Mank - reincarnate $20.90 $20.90 $20.90 $20.90
Frank Zappa & The Fathers $20.90 $27.90 $30.90 $33.90
Group (5 or more)
Thelonius Mank - reincarnate $14.90 $14.90 $14.90 $14.90
Frank Zappa & The Fathers $14.90 $20.90 $22.90 $23.90
Buy tickets by phoning the Music line -- get your tickets now!: (1) 263 68742

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