ISSUE-469: We need a role for Semantic Zoom

Semantic Zoom Role

We need a role for Semantic Zoom

ARIA 2.0
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Cynthia Shelly
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I'm not sure if this belongs in 1.1 or 2.0. We need a role for a Semantic Zoom area, such as what is done on map sites. Use semantic zoom for "in-view" navigation where identical content is viewed in different ways. Here's the MSDN documentaiton on the related control
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Might this be covered by IndieUI already: Zoom, Pan, etc.? I'm not sure why you're requesting a "role" for zoom. This seems more like an interaction behavior that could occur on elements with various roles.

James Craig, 26 Jan 2013, 00:18:49

Suggest closing. Covered by IndieUI Events. Potentially can add "map" role or something similar, but the interaction pattern is not tied to the role.

James Craig, 17 Sep 2013, 01:34:04

James Nurthen, 8 May 2018, 18:16:44

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