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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-335 (edit)
OPEN Consider a breadcrumbs role 2009-06-29 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-340 (edit)
ScrollView or Scrollable Region Property
OPEN Investigate the need for a ScrollView or Scrollable Region Property in ARIA 2.0 2009-07-13 CSS AAM 0
ISSUE-373 (edit)
multiple roles
OPEN Refine how multiple role values in one role attribute should be processed 2009-11-02 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-388 (edit)
clipboard operations
OPEN Need to add clipboard operations to drag and drop model. 2009-12-03 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-406 (edit)
OPEN Proposal for new aria-hint property. (Previously proposed as @aria-help) 2010-03-12 ARIA 2.0 1
ISSUE-431 (edit)
Effective Keyboard Interface for Application Context
OPEN Define a user agent approach for providing RIAS with effective and consistent keyboard interfaces to access RIIA functions and components, e.g., toolbars, commands, help, landmarks, etc. 2011-03-07 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-438 (edit) OPEN ARIA 2.0 consider adding client-side DOM properties (e.g. el.ariaChecked) in addition to content properties (el.getAttribute('aria-checked')) 2011-05-05 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-461 (edit)
AT manipulate DOM
OPEN Change statement that AT must not manipulate the DOM to a SHOULD 2011-08-15 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-463 (edit)
OPEN Spec doesn't define normatively for user agents how aria-hidden should be handled, and UAIG has to specify different approaches for different APIs 2011-10-17 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-466 (edit)
Inconsistencies in role overriding
OPEN Ambiguity over whether some roles should override native semantics 2011-10-27 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-469 (edit)
Semantic Zoom Role
OPEN We need a role for Semantic Zoom 2011-11-09 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-481 (edit)
aria-live removal events
OPEN aria-live removal events should or must happen before object removal 2012-02-20 ARIA 2.0 Core AAM 0
ISSUE-501 (edit)
grouping in menus
OPEN Allow menuitemcheckbox to have a group parent like menuitemradio and menutiem do when in a menu role 2012-04-16 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-503 (edit)
inheritance rules
OPEN Does everything inhert to owned roles, or just the states and properties? spec doesn't clarify, we should be explicit about what inherits and what doesn't unless it's everything 2012-04-23 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-512 (edit)
related concepts outdated
OPEN Clean up relatedConcept references; XForms and DAISY could be outdated or otherwise not useful, others as well 2012-04-30 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-515 (edit)
OPEN Should aria-invalid and aria-disabled really be a global state? 2012-05-07 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-518 (edit)
aria-level on landmarks
OPEN Consider adding aria-level to landmark regions 2012-05-21 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-519 (edit) OPEN Consider removing aria-level from grid (already allowed on row) 2012-05-21 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-522 (edit) OPEN Name Computation 2A - bullet 3 confusion 2012-05-31 ARIA 2.0 Name Calculation 1
ISSUE-537 (edit)
OPEN Re-evaluate aria-hidden to address possible changes for HTML5 2012-10-08 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-542 (edit)
TAC Generated Content
OPEN Text Alt Comp section on CSS generated content does not allow for proper CSS content fallback 2012-11-08 AccNam AAM 1.2 0
ISSUE-603 (edit)
aria-triggers? aria-initiates?
OPEN Need an attr to indicate element activation triggers audio, video, etc. 2013-08-14 ARIA 2.0 1
ISSUE-624 (edit)
OPEN Default Button 2013-10-11 ARIA 2.0 1
ISSUE-631 (edit)
keyboard help
OPEN Property to provide keyboard help when element has focus 2014-01-15 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-634 (edit)
video/audio roles
OPEN Video and audio roles (simple groups, not full functionality apis) 2014-01-23 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-653 (edit)
OPEN Need to support selectors in ARIA relationships 2014-04-20 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-655 (edit)
annotation roles
OPEN Consider creating annotations roles for comments, spell-check errors, etc 2014-04-23 ARIA 2.0 3
ISSUE-685 (edit) OPEN Creation of resource definitions for localized state information 2014-10-31 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-686 (edit) OPEN need a getComputedLabel or getComputedName 2014-11-22 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-702 (edit)
The word SHOULD for keyboard support is unclear in the Roles Model spec
OPEN The ARIA Roles Model spec states that keyboard support for interactive widgets is optional, not required, which it should be. 2015-02-19 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-706 (edit)
AAPI managed states
OPEN Describe/define AAPI managed states 2015-03-10 ARIA 1.2 Core AAM specification 1
ISSUE-719 (edit) OPEN Create new ARIA Features to support Drag and Drop 2015-07-02 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-1018 (edit) OPEN relationship between "text alternative" "accessible name" and "accessible description" confusing to some readers 2016-03-16 ARIA 2.0 Name Calculation 0
ISSUE-1032 (edit) OPEN It is not defined how AT should handle bad uses of aria. need to come up with AT error handling guidance 2016-06-02 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-1037 (edit) OPEN Focus does not address aria-asctivedescendant when the element is not a descendant 2016-07-26 0
ISSUE-1045 (edit) OPEN Work on getting at to follow pronunciation hints 2016-09-22 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-1050 (edit) OPEN Revisit normative ref to ui events keyboardevent key values when it hits rec 2016-10-20 ARIA 1.2 0

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