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Need to support selectors in ARIA relationships (ISSUE-653 selector())
 (edit)ACTION-1427 on James Craig: Propose (at-risk) solution for selector references to be used in conjunction with IDREF - due 2014-04-28 - pending review
Default Button (ISSUE-624 defaultButton)
 (edit)ACTION-1736 on Michiel Bijl: Create an attribute to indicate a button is the primary button - due 2015-12-10 - open
Proposal for new aria-hint property. (Previously proposed as @aria-help) (ISSUE-406 aria-hint)
 (edit)ACTION-1390 on James Craig: Add aria-hint to aria 2.0 as related to ISSUE-406 - due 2016-01-08 - open
Need an attr to indicate element activation triggers audio, video, etc. (ISSUE-603 aria-triggers? aria-initiates?)
 (edit)ACTION-1363 on James Craig: Patch issue-603: aria-startsmedia - due 2016-03-24 - open
Describe/define AAPI managed states (ISSUE-706 AAPI managed states)
 (edit)ACTION-980 on Marco Zehe: Describe/define managed aria related states: aria-setsize, aria-posinset, aria-level, focused, focusable with reference to section 5.5 bullet 1 of the UAIG. - due 2016-07-19 - open
Name Computation 2A - bullet 3 confusion (ISSUE-522)
 (edit)ACTION-1151 on Joseph Scheuhammer: Create a flowchart or process diagram of the ARIA accessible name computation - due 2016-10-03 - open
Consider creating annotations roles for comments, spell-check errors, etc (ISSUE-655 annotation roles)
 (edit)ACTION-1456 on Cynthia Shelly: Provide defintions in action 1454 for each of the annotation types - due 2016-12-31 - open

Action Items Pending Review

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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1427 (edit) pending review Propose (at-risk) solution for selector references to be used in conjunction with IDREF James Craig 2014-04-28 selector()

Overdue action items

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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-360 (edit) open Research if implicit attr values can be expressed in Schema Michael Cooper 2015-04-16 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-601 (edit) open Make property default value overrides machine readable Michael Cooper 2015-10-30 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-980 (edit) open Describe/define managed aria related states: aria-setsize, aria-posinset, aria-level, focused, focusable with reference to section 5.5 bullet 1 of the UAIG. Marco Zehe 2016-07-19 AAPI managed states
ACTION-1151 (edit) open Create a flowchart or process diagram of the ARIA accessible name computation Joseph Scheuhammer 2016-10-03 ISSUE-522
ACTION-1294 (edit) open Add posinset and setsize to menuitem, menuitemradio, menuitemcheckbox, tab, etc. James Craig 2013-11-11 setsize/posinset on grids/treegrids/trees
ACTION-1322 (edit) open Make some examples for aria-hidden="false" (including a hidden live region) Jon Gunderson 2014-09-29 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1363 (edit) open Patch issue-603: aria-startsmedia James Craig 2016-03-24 aria-triggers? aria-initiates?
ACTION-1367 (edit) open ARIA bug 2B (control values) does not mention presentational controls; propose edit. Joseph Scheuhammer 2014-02-10 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1379 (edit) open TAC should cover rendered descendants from external sources: svg, iframe, etc. (Compose text and get final review form ARIA subteam) Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-25 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1381 (edit) open TAC and #presentation should cover shadow-DOM descendants (e.g. <video controls> in some user agents) Joseph Scheuhammer 2014-02-12 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1390 (edit) open Add aria-hint to aria 2.0 as related to ISSUE-406 James Craig 2016-01-08 aria-hint
ACTION-1400 (edit) open Update the intro graphic to be an accessible SVG document. Michael Cooper 2014-03-21 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1402 (edit) open Spec value computation for table cells and grid cells (make sure label and labelledby don't trample the cell contents) Joseph Scheuhammer 2014-03-31 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1404 (edit) open Investigate aria equivalent of html:th@abbr <th abbr="date">date of service</th> James Craig 2014-03-31 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1456 (edit) open Provide defintions in action 1454 for each of the annotation types Cynthia Shelly 2016-12-31 annotation roles
ACTION-1475 (edit) open Work with michael c. and joseph s. to create up to 4 accessibility diagrams showing the application (before and after) of applying role=“presentation”/none Cynthia Shelly 2016-09-01 ARIA 2.0 Name Calculation
ACTION-1526 (edit) open Propose practices for fallback role of text in authoring guide Matthew King 2014-11-17 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1537 (edit) open Research pulling together a group to address some aapi extensions e.g., getcomputedrole Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-08-27 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1560 (edit) open Email list with discussion of on/off value labels (maybe valuetext?) and extending value descriptions to other controls Stefan Schnabel 2016-02-10 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1618 (edit) open Write relationship to aria 1.1 section Michael Cooper 2015-04-23 Digital Publishing Roles Module
ACTION-1624 (edit) open Work with shane to develop publication strategy and solution that would exclude abstract roles for authors Michael Cooper 2016-03-17 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1625 (edit) open Add interactive property to core mappings that propogates from grid or table to all grid aria grid or table structural elements. the interactive property should have same mapping as defined in issue 633 Joseph Scheuhammer 2015-09-08 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1679 (edit) open Start exploring content for a potential whitepaper on the difference between readonly and disabled Joseph Scheuhammer 2015-07-16 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1736 (edit) open Create an attribute to indicate a button is the primary button Michiel Bijl 2015-12-10 defaultButton
ACTION-2002 (edit) open Own issue 1001 and will follow up with aria wg Matthew King 2016-01-18
ACTION-2003 (edit) open Work up some editorial approaches and return back to the group with those thoughts Matthew King 2016-01-18
ACTION-2007 (edit) open Rewrite proposal to take into account that an img with source svg has no children and also to address the required owned elements Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-01-28
ACTION-2014 (edit) open Propose new text for landmark regions that restrict scope based on document and application roles Matthew King 2016-02-15
ACTION-2019 (edit) open Modify aria-details to state that it wins over describedby and also to provide example with an anchor Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-02-18
ACTION-2025 (edit) open Find out if there is a way to mark wds as abandoned and superceded by x without doing a republish Michael Cooper 2016-02-24
ACTION-2027 (edit) open Attempt to address documentation issues reassign if needed Michael Cooper 2016-02-24
ACTION-2033 (edit) open Search for old links and update them in the aria 1.1 spec. Michael Cooper 2016-03-03
ACTION-2051 (edit) open Begin discussion about whether or not the mappings for role="status" should be changed for ia2 and atk/at-spi2 Joseph Scheuhammer 2016-04-26
ACTION-2052 (edit) open Do repository re-org Michael Cooper 2016-04-27
ACTION-2060 (edit) open See if should be added to w3c script repository, and what the update policy is Michael Cooper 2016-05-11
ACTION-2082 (edit) open Investigate having regular links to apg for each aria feature Michael Cooper 2016-09-16 ARIA 1.2
ACTION-2084 (edit) open Propose content for composite role to describe the constraints that have been behind the children-presentational normalization effort Bryan Garaventa 2016-06-23 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-2123 (edit) open Bring question about annotating test assertions with spec requirements to whomever is working on testing Michael Cooper 2016-10-26
ACTION-2124 (edit) open Ask ralph about emerging practices for x considerations sections Michael Cooper 2016-10-26
ACTION-2127 (edit) open Migrate issues from tracker to github Michael Cooper 2016-11-03

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Raised Issues

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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-9 (edit)
role extensibility
RAISED Role Extensibility 2007-06-27 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-16 (edit)
Source of change
RAISED changes to the same content fragment may come from user and from world 2007-08-21 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-30 (edit)
property extensions
RAISED Should describe some conforming way to extend the states and properties supported. 2007-09-07 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-55 (edit)
Implicit roles
RAISED Host language should have default mappings to ARIA roles (or vice versa) 2008-06-02 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-96 (edit)
precedence for sort
RAISED Add ability to indicate sort by multiple columns with precedence information 2009-01-06 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-103 (edit)
aria-invalid values
RAISED Expand value types for aria-invalid 2009-02-06 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-118 (edit)
Movable separators
RAISED identify objects that are moveable (such as the split pane separator) 2009-02-16 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-119 (edit)
RAISED Consider use of a technology like XBL or BECSS to assign ARIA semantics (roles/state/props) and event handlers 2009-02-24 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-161 (edit)
live region
RAISED Refine live region support 2009-04-06 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-285 (edit)
CURIE support in ARIA 2.0
RAISED - support for CURIE syntax in ARIA 2.0 to enable external referencing via aria values 2009-04-23 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-331 (edit)
Sync DOM Attributes
RAISED Discuss UA requirement of syncing DOM attributes that refer to the same accessibility state or property (e.g. HTML 5 @required and @aria-required) 2009-05-18 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-337 (edit)
column expansion
RAISED Explore whether to have expandable columns (not just rows) 2009-07-06 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-339 (edit)
SVG implementation
RAISED Create an ARIA Implementation Guide for SVG 2009-07-13 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-341 (edit)
Navigational landmarks
RAISED Address how navigational landmark labeling should be supported in SVG 2009-07-13 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-342 (edit)
Shadow trees
RAISED Address the use of shadow trees how they would or would not effect document structure support in SVG 2009-07-13 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-343 (edit)
Script disabled
RAISED Address how ARIA could be enhanced to address script being disabled in the browser such as how the same widget could be reused 2009-07-13 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-350 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding full xlink behavior functionality for link (role). 2009-08-10 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-356 (edit)
custom widgets
RAISED Consider SCXML and SMIL state as part of our custom widget strategy for ARIA 2.0. 2009-08-24 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-366 (edit)
Consistent level
RAISED level property should be consistently applied either to leaf or container nodes 2009-10-26 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-405 (edit)
timeline role
RAISED consider timeline role (subclass of slider) for ARIA 2.0 2010-03-02 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-409 (edit)
New input types
RAISED ARIA 1.2 should consider providing roles that match some or all of the HTML 5 new input types (e.g., color picker, date picker, etc.) 2010-03-22 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-425 (edit)
css generated content
RAISED Address CSS name computation in modalities other than screen 2010-11-22 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-445 (edit)
Control Patterns
RAISED Support Control Patterns in ARIA 2011-05-06 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-456 (edit)
abstract roles and patterns
RAISED Forward compatibility and overlap between abstract roles and patterns 2011-06-14 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-467 (edit)
chosen role
RAISED Clarify how an author determines which role a UA has selected; not defined in 7.1 2011-11-01 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-521 (edit) RAISED Expand values for aria-relevant to cover text additions, text removals, text changes, element additions, element removals - ARIA 2.0 2012-05-29 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-524 (edit)
RAISED Consider expressing the "sortability" along with the actual sort - ARIA 2.0 2012-06-04 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-567 (edit)
ARIA for CSS generated content
RAISED ARIA in CSS for generated content like pseudo-elements 2013-03-25 CSS AAM 0
ISSUE-611 (edit)
RAISED Support Pivot Table functionality in ARIA 2013-09-12 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-622 (edit)
DOMStringMap Element.ariaset
RAISED Consider adding DOMStringMap Element.ariaset (to match Element.dataset for data-* attrs) 2013-10-01 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-656 (edit)
RAISED Consider creating MUST statements for AT products 2014-04-23 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-667 (edit)
page title
RAISED Consider introducing a ¨page title¨ role 2014-07-16 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-670 (edit) RAISED Need to support remote annotation 2014-07-26 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-720 (edit) RAISED Address deprecationg role="presentation" 2015-07-02 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-721 (edit) RAISED Expand aria-level to include values for "auto" and "subsection" 2015-07-02 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-743 (edit) RAISED Provide author defined description of state and property information 2015-10-26 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-1001 (edit) RAISED Aria-haspopup should use aria-controls instead of aria-owns for its relationship mechanism 2016-01-11 0
ISSUE-1022 (edit) RAISED Password fields should have a state indicating whether password is obscured or visible 2016-03-31 ARIA 1.2 0
ISSUE-1035 (edit)
Complex lists and tree widgets
RAISED Are additional roles or properties needed to help authors build interactive list and tree structures with complex items? 2016-06-09 ARIA 2.0 0
ISSUE-1046 (edit)
HTML Role Parity
RAISED 1-to-1 Role Mapping Parity between HTML elements and ARIA (HTML Parity) 2016-09-23 ARIA 1.2 0

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