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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-360 (edit) open Research if implicit attr values can be expressed in Schema Michael Cooper 2015-04-16 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-601 (edit) open Make property default value overrides machine readable Michael Cooper 2015-10-30 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-620 (edit) open Provide an example of a link and the other show hide using aria-describedby Matthew King 2012-02-13 ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices
ACTION-922 (edit) open Jon to create an example for the detailed message dialog where the initial focus is on the message. Jon Gunderson 2012-03-27 ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices
ACTION-962 (edit) open Create text for authoring practices for required groupings Jon Gunderson 2012-05-31 ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices
ACTION-980 (edit) open Describe/define managed aria related states: aria-setsize, aria-posinset, aria-level, focused, focusable with reference to section 5.5 bullet 1 of the UAIG. Marco Zehe 2016-07-19 AAPI managed states
ACTION-998 (edit) open Work with Michael to get OAA test suites moved over to W3C with updated expected results Jon Gunderson 2012-03-31 ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1078 (edit) open Update Best Practices to further clarify the use of aria-hidden and the interaction with CSS Joseph Scheuhammer 2012-06-25 ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1093 (edit) open Write test cases for "implied boolean attributes" e.g., html5 required vs aria-required - ARIA 1.1 Michael Cooper 2012-07-16 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-1151 (edit) open Create a flowchart or process diagram of the ARIA accessible name computation Joseph Scheuhammer 2016-10-03 ISSUE-522
ACTION-1238 (edit) open Check with James on test case 168 for aria-sort="other" (four failures Safari) Jon Gunderson 2013-07-15 ARIA 1.0 Test Plan
ACTION-1294 (edit) open Add posinset and setsize to menuitem, menuitemradio, menuitemcheckbox, tab, etc. James Craig 2013-11-11 setsize/posinset on grids/treegrids/trees
ACTION-1322 (edit) open Make some examples for aria-hidden="false" (including a hidden live region) Jon Gunderson 2014-09-29 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1325 (edit) open Address plain-text conversion of aria-labelledby and aria-describedby in aria techniques James Nurthen 2014-01-22 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1328 (edit) open Track down references to ~"bridging technology" or other less-desirable language; action each editor to remove/rephrase. James Nurthen 2014-01-30 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1331 (edit) open Create a wcag technique for poster description James Nurthen 2014-01-30 WCAG 2 Techniques for ARIA
ACTION-1363 (edit) open Patch issue-603: aria-startsmedia James Craig 2016-03-24 aria-triggers? aria-initiates?
ACTION-1367 (edit) open ARIA bug 2B (control values) does not mention presentational controls; propose edit. Joseph Scheuhammer 2014-02-10 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1379 (edit) open TAC should cover rendered descendants from external sources: svg, iframe, etc. (Compose text and get final review form ARIA subteam) Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-25 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1381 (edit) open TAC and #presentation should cover shadow-DOM descendants (e.g. <video controls> in some user agents) Joseph Scheuhammer 2014-02-12 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1390 (edit) open Add aria-hint to aria 2.0 as related to ISSUE-406 James Craig 2016-01-08 aria-hint
ACTION-1400 (edit) open Update the intro graphic to be an accessible SVG document. http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/complete#intro_ria_accessibility Michael Cooper 2014-03-21 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1401 (edit) open Write a w3c note explaining how epub-prefixed roles can be used already in aria 1.0 James Craig 2014-03-24 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1402 (edit) open Spec value computation for table cells and grid cells (make sure label and labelledby don't trample the cell contents) Joseph Scheuhammer 2014-03-31 AccNam AAM 1.2
ACTION-1404 (edit) open Investigate aria equivalent of html:th@abbr <th abbr="date">date of service</th> James Craig 2014-03-31 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1409 (edit) open Monitor progress of bug against atk in gnome's bugzilla requesting new position, level, and other api be added (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=727453) Joanmarie Diggs 2016-06-21 For treeitem, compute implicit aria-level based on aria-owns chain
ACTION-1454 (edit) open Add aria-hasannotation attribute with values: comment, footnote, endnote, reference, insertion, deletion, modification, true, false, more where aria-hasannotation has only one value at a time Joanmarie Diggs 2015-10-01 annotation roles
ACTION-1455 (edit) open Add aria-annotatedby where it takes idrefs as a value and must only be applied when that same element has aria-hasannotation Joanmarie Diggs 2015-10-01 annotation roles
ACTION-1456 (edit) open Provide defintions in action 1454 for each of the annotation types Cynthia Shelly 2016-12-31 annotation roles
ACTION-1475 (edit) open Work with michael c. and joseph s. to create up to 4 accessibility diagrams showing the application (before and after) of applying role=“presentation”/none Cynthia Shelly 2016-09-01 ARIA 2.0 Name Calculation
ACTION-1482 (edit) open Add text in aria 1.1 authoring practices to explain how to manipulate live regions and when they cause ats to speak or not speak. James Nurthen 2014-07-21 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1496 (edit) open Identify bug tracking systems for browser developers Michael Cooper 2014-08-18 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-1526 (edit) open Propose practices for fallback role of text in authoring guide Matthew King 2014-11-17 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1537 (edit) open Research pulling together a group to address some aapi extensions e.g., getcomputedrole Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-08-27 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1547 (edit) open Update test test cases involving rowgroup to ensure they are included within a grid container and to ensure that the expected result matches the new mappings Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-10-27 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-1560 (edit) open Email list with discussion of on/off value labels (maybe valuetext?) and extending value descriptions to other controls Stefan Schnabel 2016-02-10 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1567 (edit) open Fix inconsistencies in linking and styles for properties Joanmarie Diggs 2016-05-26 aria-spec-nits
ACTION-1574 (edit) open Propose wording for a browser and assistive technology note for example pages Matthew King 2015-02-09 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1577 (edit) open Talk to shadi about the database to mark accessibility support of the examples with crowdourcing James Nurthen 2015-02-16 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1618 (edit) open Write relationship to aria 1.1 section Michael Cooper 2015-04-23 Digital Publishing Roles Module
ACTION-1624 (edit) open Work with shane to develop publication strategy and solution that would exclude abstract roles for authors Michael Cooper 2016-03-17 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1625 (edit) open Add interactive property to core mappings that propogates from grid or table to all grid aria grid or table structural elements. the interactive property should have same mapping as defined in issue 633 Joseph Scheuhammer 2015-09-08 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1626 (edit) open Develop checkbox example that represents its states with images Matthew King 2015-06-16 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1636 (edit) open Write up suggestions for making at test results in aria apg examples more readable. Birkir Gunnarsson 2015-05-25 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1637 (edit) open Hook up atk/at-spi to webdriver Joanmarie Diggs 2015-05-26 ARIA 1.1 automated testing
ACTION-1640 (edit) open Send a note to James Craig about test automation with WebDriver Richard Schwerdtfeger 2015-05-26 ARIA 1.1 automated testing
ACTION-1653 (edit) open Find out what chinese equivalent to ctrl+a is, to help with internationalisation guidance in the ARIA APG 1.1 Ann Abbott 2015-06-22 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1679 (edit) open Start exploring content for a potential whitepaper on the difference between readonly and disabled Joseph Scheuhammer 2015-07-16 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-1687 (edit) open Get authoring practices guidance on use of aria-errormessage, including use cases for live region or not James Nurthen 2015-07-23 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1690 (edit) open Provide guidance in authoring practices for exposing aria-kbdshorcuts James Nurthen 2015-07-30 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-1713 (edit) open Talk to gion kunz (chartist.js maintainer) and ask him about what roles/properties would make sense … Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-09-04 SVG AAM Accessibility Mapping spec.
ACTION-1736 (edit) open Create an attribute to indicate a button is the primary button Michiel Bijl 2015-12-10 defaultButton
ACTION-1744 (edit) open Implement edits proposed in issue-641, raise to group if any subsantive changes come out Joanmarie Diggs 2016-03-17 section (abstract) allows nameFrom content
ACTION-1764 (edit) open Reach out to shadi to establish a link for aria tools to be included in the apg due in 2 weeks Bryan Garaventa 2016-01-11 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-2002 (edit) open Own issue 1001 and will follow up with aria wg Matthew King 2016-01-18
ACTION-2003 (edit) open Work up some editorial approaches and return back to the group with those thoughts Matthew King 2016-01-18
ACTION-2007 (edit) open Rewrite proposal to take into account that an img with source svg has no children and also to address the required owned elements Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-01-28
ACTION-2014 (edit) open Propose new text for landmark regions that restrict scope based on document and application roles Matthew King 2016-02-15
ACTION-2019 (edit) open Modify aria-details to state that it wins over describedby and also to provide example with an anchor Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-02-18
ACTION-2023 (edit) open Write a proposal about how to modify the definition of role text to limit its use. Joseph Scheuhammer 2016-02-23 Role text overrides.
ACTION-2025 (edit) open Find out if there is a way to mark wds as abandoned and superceded by x without doing a republish Michael Cooper 2016-02-24
ACTION-2026 (edit) open Prep aria 1.0 primer and practices for their death beds Shane McCarron 2016-02-24
ACTION-2027 (edit) open Attempt to address documentation issues https://github.com/w3c/aria/issues?utf8=%e2%9c%93&q=is%3aissue+is%3aopen+label%3adocumentation reassign if needed Michael Cooper 2016-02-24
ACTION-2028 (edit) open Clean biblio.js with old pf stuff Michael Cooper 2016-02-24
ACTION-2033 (edit) open Search for old links and update them in the aria 1.1 spec. Michael Cooper 2016-03-03
ACTION-2034 (edit) open Remove reference to uaag and reference eo aria 1.1 suite of documents Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-03-03
ACTION-2045 (edit) open Check if jquery version change has broken anything, w3c version is 1.11 and we were using 1.9 Joseph Scheuhammer 2016-04-13
ACTION-2049 (edit) open Add text to aria-owns to address issue 701 Joanmarie Diggs 2016-04-14
ACTION-2050 (edit) open Add new api to atk, at-spi2, and pyatspi for errormessage mappings. Joanmarie Diggs 2016-04-19
ACTION-2051 (edit) open Begin discussion about whether or not the mappings for role="status" should be changed for ia2 and atk/at-spi2 Joseph Scheuhammer 2016-04-26
ACTION-2052 (edit) open Do repository re-org Michael Cooper 2016-04-27
ACTION-2053 (edit) open Set up version branch for aria 1.1 Joanmarie Diggs 2016-05-18
ACTION-2057 (edit) open Suggest that axapi mapping of role="form" should be a landmark in the AXSubRole. Joanmarie Diggs 2016-05-03 ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
ACTION-2058 (edit) open Update aria-keyshortcuts based on pending apg guidance Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-05
ACTION-2060 (edit) open See if https://github.com/mathiasbynens/jquery-details/blob/master/jquery.details.min.js should be added to w3c script repository, and what the update policy is Michael Cooper 2016-05-11
ACTION-2061 (edit) open Speak with apple about voiceover rendering, rendered text for passwords Joanmarie Diggs 2016-05-12
ACTION-2062 (edit) open Work with apa to address password roles/elements/credential management in a secure environment for tpac Fred Esch 2016-07-14
ACTION-2078 (edit) open Discuss treeitem and option re children presentational in apg group, define issues that need to be handled in aria 2.0 Matthew King 2016-06-09 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-2082 (edit) open Investigate having regular links to apg for each aria feature Michael Cooper 2016-09-16 ARIA 1.2
ACTION-2084 (edit) open Propose content for composite role to describe the constraints that have been behind the children-presentational normalization effort Bryan Garaventa 2016-06-23 ARIA 2.0
ACTION-2086 (edit) open Add text role back to spec Joanmarie Diggs 2016-06-29
ACTION-2090 (edit) open Verify splitter mappings for axapi Joanmarie Diggs 2016-07-05
ACTION-2093 (edit) open Add aria aurthoring practices feature that tells authors how to do posinset/setsize Matthew King 2016-07-19 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-2094 (edit) open Add expectations to test cases regarding the newly-documented atk/at-spi interfaces, etc. in the core-aam Joanmarie Diggs 2016-07-19 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-2095 (edit) open Create sample wrapper to talk with a fake at under wpt by 7/27 Shane McCarron 2016-07-20
ACTION-2096 (edit) open Atk connector Joanmarie Diggs 2016-07-20
ACTION-2097 (edit) open Ia2 connector ax connector event testing Joanmarie Diggs 2016-07-20
ACTION-2098 (edit) open Document test case format Cynthia Shelly 2016-07-20
ACTION-2099 (edit) open David brett will work on parsing json test case format Cynthia Shelly 2016-07-20
ACTION-2100 (edit) open Create strongly wored guidance in the authoring practices for aria-roledescription Matthew King 2016-07-21 ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices
ACTION-2101 (edit) open Adjust I2 and ATK/AT-SPI test cases for role tablist to remove the test of the liveregion properties as they are no longer supported. Cynthia Shelly 2016-08-19 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-2104 (edit) open Make parallel example in wiki Fred Esch 2016-08-10
ACTION-2108 (edit) open Coordinate with fred on testable statements and the format. sync up with jf on getting testable statements written to match the desired format. Shane McCarron 2016-08-18
ACTION-2109 (edit) open Esch write testable stements and testcases for 3.1 to 3.10 Fred Esch 2016-08-25
ACTION-2110 (edit) open Write testable stements and testcases for 3.10 to 3.22 Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-08-25 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-2111 (edit) open Esch write testable stements and testcases for 4.1 to 4.14 Fred Esch 2016-08-25 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-2112 (edit) open Esch write testable stements and testcases for 4.15 to end of 4 Fred Esch 2016-08-25 ARIA 1.1 Test Plan
ACTION-2113 (edit) open Provide uia mappings for new aria construct gaps (rich to provide) Cynthia Shelly 2016-09-08
ACTION-2115 (edit) open Write an irc bot that will query github Shane McCarron 2016-09-15
ACTION-2116 (edit) open Figure out how github issue relaying works for webpayments Shane McCarron 2016-09-15
ACTION-2123 (edit) open Bring question about annotating test assertions with spec requirements to whomever is working on testing Michael Cooper 2016-10-26
ACTION-2124 (edit) open Ask ralph about emerging practices for x considerations sections Michael Cooper 2016-10-26
ACTION-2127 (edit) open Migrate issues from tracker to github Michael Cooper 2016-11-03
ACTION-2128 (edit) open Create wiki with feedback on aria-html. others contribute to it. Jon Gunderson 2016-12-08 Miscellaneous
ACTION-2130 (edit) open Determine if AX AXPI supports an event if the accessible description changes. Joanmarie Diggs 2016-12-20 Label and description change events
ACTION-2131 (edit) open Review HTML-AAM Richard Schwerdtfeger 2017-01-17 ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
ACTION-2133 (edit) open Make sure the content at https://www.w3.org/wiki/ARIA_1.1_Testable_Statements fully covers the changes indicated at https://www.w3.org/WAI/ARIA/wiki/ARIA_1.1_Changes Michael Cooper 2017-01-26
ACTION-2134 (edit) open Set up pr-preview on aria and aria-practices Michael Cooper 2017-03-22
ACTION-2135 (edit) open Updated details on UIA mappings, interfaces, and patterns Bogdan Brinza 2017-04-11 ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
ACTION-2138 (edit) open Remove the current aria-orientation default value, and add mappings for aria-orientation is undefined, and modify the default-values-for-required-attributes author errors table as needed. Joseph Scheuhammer 2017-04-25 ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
ACTION-2139 (edit) open Contact stakeholders to feel out potential for travel budget for ftf meetings Joanmarie Diggs 2017-11-16
ACTION-2140 (edit) open Follow up with bogdan on how svg intends to proceed on svg-aam wrt to graphics-aria and graphics-aam Joanmarie Diggs 2017-11-17
ACTION-2141 (edit) open Obtain mappings and generate test results for graphics-aam Joanmarie Diggs 2017-11-17
ACTION-2142 (edit) open Plan a wd of graphics-aam with goal to go to cr à la https://w3c.github.io/spec-releases/milestones/?cr=2018-01-11 Joanmarie Diggs 2017-11-17
ACTION-2143 (edit) open Work with michael on getting fpwd versions of core aam and aria out Joanmarie Diggs 2017-11-17
ACTION-2144 (edit) open Contact task force facilitators regarding once-a-month check-ins during thursday's working group call Joanmarie Diggs 2017-11-18

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