ISSUE-18: input tokenizer example examination

Input Tokenizer

input tokenizer example examination

ARIA 1.0 Test Plan
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Alfred S. Gilman
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SAP specification <>

SAP examples <>

Is it enough to use simple types <>? -- Aaron

Rich provided an analysis of this widget <>, discussed on the 9 April 2007 telecon <>

discussed at length on 11 April 2007 at F2F <>. It appears we can indicate the substring with the problem in error cases. Two outstanding issues remain: custom announcement, and hotkey management. There is a 'validate me' hot key in the SAP design that activates the 'validate' button.
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Holding open until we get a working example

Michael Cooper, 17 Sep 2007, 00:00:00

[MichaelC]: Relates also to issue-51

30 Aug 2010, 14:57:34

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