ISSUE-1016: Means to get all the aria-kbdshortcuts elements

Means to get all the aria-kbdshortcuts elements

ARIA 1.1 Core Mapping Specification
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Joanmarie Diggs
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As I understand it, one of the motivations/use cases of aria-kbdshortcuts is for screen readers to either present available shortcuts to the user and/or handle instances where the screen reader shortcuts conflict with web app shortcuts. This, of course, requires the screen reader be able to get all the elements with aria-kbdshortcuts.

Currently, the only way for screen readers to accomplish this is by doing a tree dive, examining all elements to see if the attribute is set. This is not ideal.

One possibility would be for user agents to expose all aria-kbdshortcut elements in accordance to each platform API's conventions.
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