ISSUE-1004: Add language to spec clarifying there may be exceptions to exposure

Add language to spec clarifying there may be exceptions to exposure

ARIA 1.1
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Joanmarie Diggs
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As described in , it is possible for a mapping spec (e.g. SVG AAM) to have a mapping (e.g. not exposed) that is in direct conflict with the ARIA spec.

We should add some sort of (brief) language to the ARIA spec that mentions this possibility.
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One instance in the spec is this statement within the section on role="presentation":

"... the user agent MUST always expose global WAI-ARIA states and properties to accessibility APIs, even if an element has an explicit or inherited role of presentation."

There are exceptions to this in SVG, apparently. For example, the <mesh> element MUST NOT be exposed even if it has an ARIA global state or property.

Thus, the statement in the spec has to allow for exceptions.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 13 Jan 2016, 16:19:42

This is addressed by the SVG AAM specification already.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 7 Apr 2016, 17:33:11

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