ACTION-282: Write a response to Simon's post to action 153

Write a response to Simon's post to action 153

Lisa Pappas
Due on:
October 6, 2008
Created on:
September 29, 2008
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Related notes:

Reassign to Al.

Al review this wording, proposed by Rich, with Aaron to ensure it addresses the "access to the scrollable region" scenario. Wording proposed by Rich is as follows (taken from:

Modify section 4.1 of the Best Practices Guide to append the following
paragraphs to step 6:

When a document element that uses role="application" receives focus,
focus must be set to a widget descendant within
the element's document subtree. This is to provide a "point of regard" for
the user. Tabindex="0" should never be applied
to a document element with role="application."

When an element (other than the document element) that uses
role="document" receives focus, the author
should determine the desired user experience
when navigating to the document area. If the user should browse from the
start of the document subtree,
having role="document," then a tabindex="0" should be set on this element
and there should be a visual indication
that it has received focus. Otherwise, focus should be allowed to flow
normally as defined by the host language, such as to a link or
form element within the subtree. By allowing focus to move to the element
with role="document" a screen reader
can begin reading the document area from the beginning rather than from
an embedded link or form element within.

The above logic should be applied for all elements that have
role="document" including those that are descendents
of an element with role="application."

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 6 Oct 2008, 20:52:08

Modify per this post to the pf-editors working group list:

Close after.

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 9 Jan 2009, 22:47:03

Closed in 14 January 2009 Editor's Draft. Closes 282 and Issue 57

Lisa Pappas, 14 Jan 2009, 18:32:13

Changed to pending review

Lisa Pappas, 14 Jan 2009, 18:32:48

See CVS history 1.58

Lisa Pappas, 11 Feb 2009, 19:14:23

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