ACTION-1675: Remove list as a superclass of menu and listbox

Remove list as a superclass of menu and listbox

Joanmarie Diggs
Due on:
November 5, 2015
Created on:
July 7, 2015
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Related notes:

* List lacks unique supported properties for subclasses to inherit.

* The definition of list is a group of *non-interactive* list items. (emphasis added). Both menu and listbox are interactive groups.

* Menu and listbox each subclass select, "a widget that allows the user to make selections from a set of choices." So the list/set nature is already present.

Done as part of this commit:

Joanmarie Diggs, 7 Jul 2015, 21:35:46

Setting the state to "Pending Review." It's a two-line change (the third line is for removing directory as a superclass of tablist. For the purpose of this review request, please ignore that third line. If approved I'll commit just the list-related changes to resolve this action.)

Joanmarie Diggs, 7 Jul 2015, 21:38:23

Setting status back to Open and postponing due date for two months as per the 3 Sept 2015 ARIA concall.

Joanmarie Diggs, 3 Sep 2015, 16:52:52

Sep 03, 2015 minutes/topic:

Aug 27, 2015 minutes/topic:

Joseph Scheuhammer, 16 Sep 2015, 17:21:40

Consensus from meeting:
* Do remove the list as superclass
* NEW: Add list as a related concept
* Close this action

Joanmarie Diggs, 28 Jan 2016, 18:45:50


Setting state to CLOSED.

Joanmarie Diggs, 28 Jan 2016, 19:21:28

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