ACTION-1465: Or shane to fix default values in 1.1 respec

Or shane to fix default values in 1.1 respec

Shane McCarron
Due on:
June 30, 2014
Created on:
June 23, 2014
Associated Product:
ARIA 1.1
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I think this action was "jcraig or shane to fix…" Having trouble remembering the context. I think this was a formatting issue. Default aria-* attr values were bolded in the 1.0 spec. No longer in ReSpec 1.1.

Shane, will you look into this one?

James Craig, 3 Aug 2014, 07:59:25

I dont really know what might need doing here. Can someone point me to an example in the spec where the formatting is wrong?

Shane McCarron, 23 Oct 2015, 16:49:04

Closed as a duplicate of action 1567

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 14 Jan 2016, 18:50:56

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