ACTION-1382: Fix typo in roving tabindex section (section 3.1.3)

Fix typo in roving tabindex section (section 3.1.3)

Joseph Scheuhammer
Due on:
February 13, 2014
Created on:
February 6, 2014
Associated Product:
ARIA 1.0 Authoring Practices
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Fix is third bullet of first list in section 3.1.3:

... on the item whose tabindex="-1"
... on the item whose tabindex="0"

Joseph Scheuhammer, 6 Feb 2014, 16:58:42

08 Apr 2014

Modified section 3.1.3, "Keyboard Navigation within Widgets" to fix errant
tabindex value: changed to "0" from "1". Otherwise clarified the wording
within the section.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 8 Apr 2014, 18:41:43

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