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Recent Work

Mission Statement

The mission of this working group is to develop an XML compliant syntax used for representing the signature of Web resources and portions of protocol messages (anything referencable by a URI) and procedures for computing and verifying such signatures. This is a joint Working Group of the IETF and W3C. W3C is hosting the email list and WG site publicly in accordance with IETF procedure. Please see the Charter for further information on the constitution of this WG. This WG does not address broader XML security issues including XML encryption and authorization.This WG has successfully advanced all chartered deliverables to their final state and the charter has expired; presently the mailing list may be used to ask questions about the specifications or interop report.

If you want to join, or are new to the working group you should understand how to contribute, how to work with the chairs, when the next meetings is, and catch up on some background reading. Otherwise, just start participating on the list!

If you are interested in a light-weight introduction to XML Signatures, you may want to review the primer background reading.

Current Deliverables

Signature Syntax and Processing (interop-report)
Draft Standard:
Canonical XML (Interop-report)
Informational: RFC3076
Exclusive Canonical XML (interop-report)
XPath Filter (interop-report)
Additional XML Security URIs
XML Signature Requirements

See previous deliverables for previous drafts and their interoperability matrices and histories.

Publicly Available Code, Tool Kits & SDKs

The software below is not normative. It is provided for illustration only.


Toolkits, SDKs, and Products

Test Vectors


Meetings and Teleconferences

Minutes are produced in accordance with IETF Minute Policy.

Face-to-Face Announce and Minutes

Telecon Minutes

Optional teleconferences happen every other week (or week depending on schedule) on Thursdays at 12ET. See the archive for the latest teleconference announcement. Minutes are posted to the list; WG members are obligated to review, correct, or counter any proposals or consensus achieved on the call on the list.

Chair Responsibilities

Any correspondence to either Chair in that capacity should include both email addresses in the distribution. Any technical question, proposal, or discussion must be distributed to the list. An email to a Chair that does not include the list in the distribution may be considered private correspondence and might not be added to the agenda for WG consideration; we need public records of proposals, consideration, and re-consideration as we move forward in achieving a group consensus.

Presently, the chair responsibilities are divided as shown below. As already stated, requests on these topics should be directed to the specified owner with the other chair or the WG list cc'd as appropriate.

Joseph Reagle

  1. Manage Web site and smart-list.
  2. Facilitate WG consensus on XML Signature Requirements document.

Don Eastlake

  1. Moderate mailing list discussion and teleconferences.
  2. Facilitate WG consensus XML Signature specification.


Primers and Guides

Required Technical Reading

Optional Technical Reading

Process Reading

Donald Eastlake 3rd <>
Joseph Reagle <>

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