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Chairs: Donald Eastlake and Joseph Reagle
Note Taker: Joseph Reagle [text]


Review of Outstanding Action Items



Status of documents < 5 minutes

Signature Syntax & Processing draft questions:

  1. WG status and solicit other issues.
    1. What to do with IDREF/URI?

      ACTION Reagle: ask schema WG if URI="#ref" a valid instance of the uri schema type. ACTION Eastlake: Otherwise, leave it as is and add a sentence or two clarifying thte IDREF must be processed like an XPATH.

    2. What about XSLT/Java?

      Not a technical problem, but no longer a compelling editorial reason to keep it if we aren't going to properly profile it. XSLT's are going to have to be c14n'ized as well (c14n before or after XSLT? Not sure). ACTION Eastlake: add a sentence to the XSLT explaining this.

    3. PIs and comments: ACTION Eastlake: add a small paragraph for each section.
    4. One time processing: Does anyone plan on implementing this? Reagle: lets not add features where no one in the WG is planning on implementing it. RESULT: leave as proposal unless we expect to have two interoperable implementations of that feature.
    5. Canonicalization: ACTION Eastlake: add his text on c14n as a seperate section, then WG should ask reviewers if they find it to be useful.
    6. ACTION Boyer and Reagle: work on FAQ/scenarios.
    7. ACTION Reagle and Simon: work on valid syntax, DTD, and schema with cryptographic values.
  2. Logists:

    No WG calls before FTF.

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