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This page contains disclosures about intellectual property as requested by the Chairs and required by IETF and W3C procedure. Neither the IESG/IETF or the W3C take a position regarding (1) the validity or scope of any intellectual property right or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use of the technology, nor (2) the extent to which any license under such rights might or might not be available. Copyright of WG deliverables is vested jointly in the W3C & The Internet Society  as described by the WG Contributor Policies.

Disclosures should not be sent to any specific individual (e.g., the Chair) but to the addresses specified in the charter.

Claims from WG members

These claims are from Members of the Working Group with respect to their own intellectual property as required by IETF and W3C procedure

Scott McLeod. FactPoint: Disclosure of IPR that "might" be relevant  (Subsequent clarification.)
"... We have intellectual property rights which may be related to the signing of HTML and XML documents...."
Chris Smithies. PenOp: IPR Disclosure
"... To the best of my knowledge, my organization owns many intellectual property claims regarding the signing of electronic data, including XML documents..."
June 18,1999 Disclosure ( forwarded to public list July 01)
July 02, 1999 Correction ( noted on public list July 02)
Tom Gosner (via Reagle) NetUPDATE. Potentially Relevant XML Signature Patent
"I believe that DocuTouch/NetUPDATE, Inc's patent on SIDEX (Secure Internet Document Exchange) may cover some of what the W3G is working on in the area of online document & contract signing. Information about this patent can be found at: The patent is number 6,289,460."

"Found" claims

These claims have been identified as a service to the Working Group by someone other than the author of the claim.

Reagle. Potentially Relevant XML Signature Patent
"The Digital Handshake Server Suite is iLumin's patent-pending, end-to-end, enforceable online transaction technology.... The Digital Handshake technology employs digital signatures, XML and Web-enabled applications to create the first end-to-end, fully automated and legally binding business closure process."
Dubinko. Does Shana patent 6,028,938 impact XForms? 
"It has been brought to my attention that Shana has secured a patent (US 6,028,938) that relates to XForms" and digital signatures.
Joseph Reagle <>
Donald Eastlake 3rd <>

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