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Sep 2007
Nov 2006
Celebrating OWL interoperability and spec quality
March 2006
Transition Request to advance SPARQL to Candidate Recommendation
29 September 2005
RDF Calendar - an application of the Resource Description Framework to iCalendar Data W3C Interest Group Note by Connolly and Miller
Jun 2005
Untangle URIs, URLs, and URNs

thanks, Uche, for the nod

Dec 2003
Web Ontology Working Group Request for Candidate Recommendation Status and Preliminary Implementation Report
December 2001
Dan Connolly, Frank van Harmelen, Ian Horrocks, Deborah L. McGuinness, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, and Lynn Andrea Stein. DAML+OIL (March 2001) Reference Description. W3C Note 18 December 2001.
Oct 2000
Lynn Andrea Stein, Dan Connolly, and Deborah McGuinness, eds., Annotated DAML Ontology Markup.
14 Nov 1999
Re: Akamai goes public re an earlier draft of Web Caching with Consistent Hashing
Oct '98: The XML Revolution
Nature's Web Matters
pre-publication draft
Apr '98: forward to XML For Dummies
pre-publication draft
"XML is like HTML with the training wheels off"
Feb '98: Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (WG member)
see the XML home page for background
Dec '97: HTML 4.0 Specification (WG chair)
I was chair of the working group that created it. see the HTML home page for background
Oct '97: XML: Principles, Tools, and Techniques (editor)
and the XML home page. Adam Rifkin keeps some of the articles I worked on with him and Rohit Khare online.
Amazon Catalog Entry
Oct '97: The Evolution of Web Documents: The Ascent of XML
by Dan Connolly, Rohit Khare, and Adam Rifkin
In the World Wide Web Journal Special Issue on XML, Volume 2, Number 4, Fall 1997, Pages 119-128.
Jul '97: A glimpse of Phil's insight, wit, and leadership
In memory of Phil Karlton
The principle of "Each time you revise a web page, assume you may never get a chance to touch it again" took on new meaning when I saw his home page after learning of his death. (memorial web site)
May '97: Editorial for WebApps Database Issue
The Web Stretches Database Development
Mar '97: Editorial for WebApps Distributed Objects Issue
The Web is a chaotic, organic distributed object system
Jan '97: Editorial for WebApps Languages Issue
Quality communication on the Web is a mixture of poetry, graphic design, interactive user interface design, and database application.
Dec '97: An Evaluation of the World Wide Web as a Platform for Electronic Commerce
in Readings in Electronic Commerce, by Ravi Kalakota and Andrew B. Whinston, published by Addison-Wesley
The book is available at amazon.
An updated version of the paper is available.
Jun '96
Subject: Re: Python, Tcl and Perl, oh my! (was Re: tcl vs. perl)
Date: 1996/06/26
Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl.misc, comp.lang.tcl, comp.lang.perl.tk, comp.lang.python
(via dejanews via egroups.com)
Jun '96: A Lexical Analyzer for HTML and Basic SGML
in The Web After Five Years, Rohit Khare, ed. published by O'Reilly
updated version
entry in Robin Cover's SGML bibliography
Spring '96: Key Specifications of the World Wide Web, editor
World Wide Web Journal: Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 1996
ISSN 1085-2301 ISBN 1-56592-190-9
copyright (c) 1996 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
Nov '95: Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 (editor)
supplimentary materials
Sep '95: Cite a Source! Dispell FUD!
Cite a Source! Don't take my word for it, look it up!

thanks dejanews!

May '95: 'Character Set' considered Harmful
On the unification of MIME's charset with the SGML document character set.
Oct '94
A Survey of QED and Related Topics
and message to the QED mailing list: Naive Observations [Was: Why should a mathematician be interested in QED? ]
Jun '94: Why Tcl Doesn't Scale
I still get requests for this now and then...
Jun '93
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): A Representation of Textual Information and MetaInformation for Retrieval and Interchange
the so-called "HTML 1.0" spec. See also: HTML publication history.
Jul '92: MIME for global hypertext
The Web, WAIS, etc. should use MIME
MIME for Global Hypermedia
posted to comp.text.sgml in Jun '92. Followed by: Misconceptions about MIME. Also: design discussion about MIME, SGML, and URLs
I claim credit for the use of MIME in HTTP, which turned out to be a mixed blessing. see also: Registered Internet Media Types (aka MIME Types) (portion of research notebook from 24-Jan-95)
Jun 1992
Public-domain XcRichText Widget
Issue 3 of The X Resource: A Practical Journal of the X Window System
O'Reilly and Associates
(bibtex citation)
see also: about the code

Works in Progress

Corba is not Minimally Constraining
The MENU element should work with stylesheets
... to represent the following idiom:

Search | Index | Products | Services

See also:

You should be able to link to a specific line or word
... without modifying the target document. This would be a straightforward extension to URI fragment identifiers. For example:

See also:

A web page count facility should be adopted
ala &http-count and a Visit-Count: http header (see www-talk archives)
Jan '96: Linguistics: Representation and Exchange of Knowledge
The Web is about Knowledge Exchange, not just Broadcasting.
A big imagemap is a crime. Rich information representation promotes exchange. Formal systems are cool. This is what got me into HTML in the first place.
Jan '96: Link Reliability - Why URNs are Not the Answer
Dec '95: Document Management for Web Specs
Spec Development is a pain!
We need some good tools for collaborative development and distribution of specs.
Downloadable software should be digitally signed.
prevent viruses. Be accountable!
URI test suite, bibtex DTD
WWW Research Notebook
@@bookmarks, @@collections, @@FAQ, @@pgp key

todo: formalize this list as a bibligraphy, a la XHTML/bibtex tools URI schemes bib. tag: . See also: ode to a closet librarian Oct 2004.

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