Corba is not Mimally Constraining

Dan Connolly
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There is one last method we did not got interested into: get_interface. This method will be discussed in a later chapter on the interface repository but till then, ORBit does not implement it so... Of little use :)

The GNOME & CORBA: The CORBA::Object interface

and ILU:

see runtime/kernel/type.c
                              -is-a /* for CORBA support */

interface repository/type libraries:

Using this mapping, implementations must provide the ability to call Object::get_interface on CORBA object references to COM objects to retrieve an InterfaceDef. When CORBA objects are accessed from COM, implementations may provide the ability to retrieve the ITypeInfo for CORBA object interface using the IProvideClassInfo COM interface.
p18.53 in CORBA V2.3


COM: A study of distributed objects technology
work in progress
@@HTTP-NG architecture document
The Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification
Revised Edition: July 1995
Updated: July 1996
Revision 2.1: August 1997
Revision 2.2: February 1998
Revision 2.3: June1999
CORBA 2.3 - chapter 18 - Mapping COM and CORBA
@@open java?
@@mendelson: names in Java interfaces
@@DCOM/CORBA symposium?
@@OMG/W3C workshop?