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This page is largely obsolete in favor of sutff like my wiki bio, Advogato info and the RDF IG scratchpad.

This is [used to be] a collection of information relevant to support requests that I get about the various contributions I've made. The object of the game is to refer folks to these pages rather than draft responses individually.

@@Mar '98: Larch Traits for XML, RDF, URIs (in progress)

contactlog.py: toward PIM scripting in Win32
posted July 1998 to comp.lang.python
article via your local news server
contactlog.py source
PyPsion: Psion data handling in Python
HTML Validation Service and Toolkit
1994 Nov
now the mainained by Mark Gaither
March 1999: webtechs.com falls victim to Network Solutions
SOCKS module for python
July 1994. Beta. Exports the same interface as the python socket module, but works over socks. Allows python ftp, gopher, etc. modules to work through socks. (No known defects as of Jan 1995, though it's not widely used).
WWWLib modules for python
July 21: (alpha). HTML parsing and other modules in C for python. Fast.
Feb 1992. No longer supported. This is mostly pointers to stuff that you should use in stead.
ANSI C code to parse HTML. Out of date. Available from the w3 ftp archives.
The RichText Widget
September 1992. A formatted text widget for Motif. Not editable. It works for some folks, but I haven't done C++/Motif hacking for a while now. (Yeah!)
... older stuff
... just for my reference

@@software patents: just say no! prior art on: session-id, where-it-says@@

Color Computer Hacking circa 1980

Light Runner
tron work-alike for the TRS-80 color computer (CoCo Files (Page 1) , TRS-80 & Tandy Color Computer Homepage). I only have it in hard copy, sorry. 1983.
Hmm... I wonder if I could get it to work with an emulator.
also: Are You the Author of Classic Coco Software?


3418 South 90th Street
Tacoma, WA 98049
Copyright (c) 1983
First printing: Nov 1981
Fifth Printing: Jul 1983
(see also: Coco Chronicles, by: alfredo(!) started: August 20th, 1984; last update: July 24, 1991)

Other stuff that I allocate shelf-space to:

IEEE Standard Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments
(IEEE Std 1003.1-1988)
see also: IEEE Standards On-Line: Portable Applications Standards Subscriptions
hmm... amazon says it's out of print, but I recommend the O'Reilly POSIX book.

I used to sign stuff with a PGP key, but I don't really know where the corresponding secret key is, let alone its passphrase. Gotta start over. See:

PGP User's Guide, Volume I: Essential Topics
11 Oct 94. Philip Zimmermann
Maintained and copyrighted 1996. by Josko Orsulic (Josko.Orsulic@fer.hr)

Jan '99:

Even worse, standards are getting accepted before they are even written, which is a truly ridiculous situation.
Phase relationships in the standardization process
James Gosling, Aug 1990




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