PyPsion: Psion data handling in Python

Dan Connolly
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Part of the reason that I bought a psion was that I saw lots of hacker activity on usenet, so I was confident that I could get my data out of the dang thing and into something else (like emacs) if I wanted to -- and not just the vendor-supported options.

There are quite a few utilities to run on the psion, but I'm surprised at the lack of perl/python/tcl/scheme code to run on the host computer to do stuff with psion files, like convert them to HTML or email or something useful.

Today, I just had to get the data out of my spreadsheet file: I had a backup of the file on my unix box, but no serial cable. So converting it to text on the psion wouldn't help. So I grabbed the (excellent!) psionics files and started hacking. A couple hours later, I had spr2qif done.

Share and Enjoy! source distribution (need to add wrd2html to this distribution)


psionData.T is the base class. psionData.DBF handles generic database files. A few utilities for reading/writing structured data.
psionSpr.Sheet is a subclass of psionData.T that handles spreadsheet data. Lots of missing pieces (esp formulas) but can usefully extract data
beginning of code to read agenda files. Reads day, to-do entries, but doesn't do anything useful with them.
beginning of code to convert .wrd files to HTML. Pretty much limited to H1, H2, P, and UL/LI.L. Not in the distribution yet.


Converting Word file to HTML

% python <slides.wrd >All.html

Converting Spreadsheet to Quicken QIF format

% python sheet.qif

Exercizing the test harnesses

% python 


a nifty object oriented scripting language by Guido VanRossum
The Psionics Files
The crucial documentation that made this possible
makers if the nifty Psion 3a gizmo