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Life and Times

As of Dec '96, I telecommute from Austin.

I like to play as much volleyball as I can (hardly any since Feb 95!). I also play ultimate, hang out with my wife and our dogs, rollerblade, play raquetball, softball, or whatever.

@@Why Should I Be The First To Change?

K-House Interactive

Ray ??? gave me a tape:
"The Kingdom of Blood"
The History of the Church
by Chuck Missler & Dave Hunt
ISBN 1-880532-49-2
Koinonia House

In real life, Dan is a husband (wedding photo) and father (Brennan and Justin Fish-boy). Mary, Brennan, Justin, and Dan make their home in Austin, TX.

'67-'86: Kansas City
4 siblings, Bishop Miege High School
Kansas City Star - Sports/Royals
Catholic Encyclopedia: JOHN CONNOLLY
Dad: John W. Connolly Professor of Chemistry University of Missouri--Kansas City
'86-'90: Austin, TX
B.S. in C.S. from U. T.
UT Austin - College of Natural Sciences CoNS Publications
'90-'93: Dallas
Convex, volleyball
Mary, TimBL at Hypertext '91
'93-'95: Austin
Mary and Dan are married 19 June 1993
Atrium/Dazel, HaL
'95-96: Boston

Dan Connolly
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