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Last release date: 18 January 2012

Getting the source distribution

Release 11.4.4 (18 January 2012)

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amaya-sources-11.4.4.tgz amaya-sources-11.4.4.tgz e8072c7b1d06b983951c56e9f51fbacf
amaya-fullsrc-11.4.4.tgz amaya-fullsrc-11.4.4.tgz 0b4b728e31c09fd15deec9f6717844a8
amaya-lib-src-11.4.4.tgz   amaya-lib-src-11.4.4.tgz   99cc75ba24dca44937ca8d2512b2997f


Checkout from CVS or Github

Checking out the code directly from our CVS base or from the Github repository allows you to follow the development of Amaya closely and to contribute much easier. Also, you will get a lot of bug fixes that are not in the distribution tar ball. In fact, if you intend to provide patches then you should fork the Github repository! Access to the CVS base Github repository is only available in read-only mode.

Installing and compiling Amaya sources

Please see the information about the Amaya sources. Make sure you're using one of the supported platforms. If you want to compile Amaya on:

Installing dictionaries

Amaya includes a spell-checker. By default French and English dictionaries are included in the distribution. These dictionaries are not complete, so the spell-checker could report spelling errors just because the dictionary doesn't include these words.

If you need another dictionary, you must download and install it (in Amaya/dicopar/*.dic).

This is the list of dictionary tar files currently available:

To install a dictionary you have just to unzip and untar it into the current directory Amaya/dicopar with the command "tar xzf gzipped-tar-file".

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