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Getting the binary distribution

The Amaya binary distribution is available for PC Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Users having other architectures are expected to compile the Amaya source code.

Please note that it is preferable to uninstall a previous version of Amaya before installing a new one.

Snapshot 11.4.7 - Security fix

This snapshot contains a security fix for a problem with the libwww as, in some cases, user password could be sent in the clear through https.
This problem concerns only people who use the PUT capability of Amaya over SSL.

http download

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Release 11.4.4 (18 January 2012)

http download
md5 check
amaya-WinXP-11.4.4.exe 1a01b1659b8deff3b8169917a5d94c18
amaya_11.4.4-1_i386.deb a9667660186cd6f808da50f7998e61ca
amaya_11.4.4-1_amd64.deb 548d915bb229e2c64c4d649db66b904a
amaya_11.4.4-1-ubuntu_i386.deb 91dcaf773c0b8e26b9b66904bcf060bb
amaya_11.4.4-1_amd64.deb 548d915bb229e2c64c4d649db66b904a
amaya_wx-11.4.4-0.i586.rpm d5ab1b2aa0eaf766a037740e4e9b958b
amaya_wx-11.4.4-0.x86_64.rpm 2f422fecaf209112b39aa73462f8d7d0
amaya-macosx-11.4.4.dmg f5d2976c312cd2e944afb38d361b9ad9


Previous release 11.3.1 (9 December 2009)

http download
md5 check
amaya-WinXP-11.3.1.exe  17b7cc8c9d10941481956cac0929846c
amaya-WinXP-VC9-11.3.1.exe (no SSL support)
amaya_wx-11.3.1-1_i386.deb   a4406de0471d01a5fb577f3578c32989
amaya_wx-11.3.1-1_amd64.deb   4f28d895139a18733a2e0aa8c3fcb613
amaya_11.3.1-2-ubuntu_i386.deb   ce6ea79b89a4b2ff6659cd68fca4fbb8
amaya_11.3.1-2-ubuntu_amd64.deb   4f5293fd203d0881322a633c6f2a13b8
amaya_wx-11.3.1-0.i386.rpm 14b8299a4c2fa5aaa2c4d7060f0ace39
amaya_wx-11.3.1-0.x86_64.rpm 9eb531bfe47b8db00eb06b9aa2614bd9
amaya-macosx-11.3.1.dmg d9d2be1a12fb8f0b6753d8ca4fba9d65
amaya-mac10.4-11.3.1.dmg 64867e6c37550bae012a1259981355cf
amaya-mac10.5-11.3.1.dmg 956e612d157af1e67fe195c960593adf

Some previous Amaya releases are still availalbe in

Installing Amaya

Please follow the directions given in the Unix and Windows installation notes.

Further documentation is provided inside the distribution tar file and in the Amaya on-line documentation page.

How to change the dialogue language

By default Amaya works with an English dialogue. Other languages are supported:

Users can change the dialogue language through the configuration menu Preferences/General (fr for French, de for German, es for Spanish, pt for Portuguese, it for Italian, and fi for Finnish).

Installing dictionaries

Amaya includes a spell-checker. By default French and English dictionaries are included in the distribution. If your distribution doesn't include the dictionary you want (see Amaya/dicopar/*.dic), you must download and install it. These dictionaries are not complete, so the spell-checker could report spelling errors just because the dictionary doesn't include these words.

This is the list of dictionary tar files currently available. :

To install a dictionary you have just to unzip and untar it into the current directory Amaya/dicoparwith the command "tar xzf gzipped-tar-file".

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